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From: Joe Webster
Subject: MY LIFE AS A WHORE - Part 11 naked virgins movies
(Part 11)I spent the rest of virgin paradise teen pornos that afternoon with Tony and Hank. My back was
coming along nicely, but it was what I was doing that had me excited.
I had sucked their cocks and had them fuck me as many times as they
wanted. Towards the end, they even fed me their piss, with both of
them doing it at the same time, as I kneeled in front of them. They
had their dickheads right at my open mouth as I stared up at their
hard luscious bodies. I drank every drop they shot and still wanted
more. When they finished, I lay back on the bed and lifted my legs,
spreading them wide. I said, "I need a nice big dick in my pussy
studs! Who wants to go first!?"Tony looked at Hank and they both laughed. Tony smacked him on the
shoulder and said, "Fuck the bitch buddy!" Hank came walking towards
me and I licked my lips and wiggled my hips as he got closer. He knelt
between my spread legs and asked, "This what you want honey? You want
this big dick in that hot little pussy hole of yours bitch!? Do you
cunt boy? You fucking little pig slut whore! You want to be fucked
real good Joey! Just like the little cunt whore you are bitch!?" I
held my legs up and reached down and grasped his big dick and squeezed
it and said, "Oh yeah Hank! Come on stud, shove this big thing in my
pussy! Treat me like the whore I am! Fuck me good and deep stud, I
want you to show me how you fuck your whore stud!"He laughed and looked over at Tony and said, "Watch this cunt squeal
bud!" He grasped my ankles and pushed my legs up and over my head,
spreading me wide. He moved till his cockhead at was my child russian virgins
pussy. He rubbed it around in the cum oozing out of it and said, "Now
bitch! Feel a man's cock in you!" With that, he drove down into me
so hard and fast, I thought he was trying to shove it out my mouth. My
body arched and my head flew back as pretty virgins nude I screamed out, "YES! YES! YES!!"
Tony walked over and slapped him on the back and said, "Man, you got
the bitch squealing now stud!" He and Hank laughed as I stared up in
lust at the handsome hung bull over me. Hank began to plunge strawberry virgins nude pics that big
fat, hard cock of his in and out of me, fully, each stroke deep into
me. He began to pull it completely out and thrust into me completely
each time, driving me wild with sluttish lust.I moaned and screamed, "Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me! Oh Hank, oh stud,
your cock, your virgins russians
cock, so good, uh, so good, uh, so good!!" He laughed
and pulled out and rolled me onto my stomach. He slapped my ass and
said, "Lift it honey! Come on bitch, lift that pussy, show me you
want it!" I moaned a sex virgins porno I lifted up my ass, wiggling it back and forth
as I spread my legs widely. I reached back and spread my butt cheeks,
offering myself to him, as he laughed and slapped at my ass. He moved
forward, pressing the head of his cock at my hole and then, slid his
hands to my underground virgin pussy tgp hips and drove into me hard. My whole body arched and I
screamed out, as he repeated the motion two or three times. Then,
Tony was standing next to us and said, "Not too hard Hank! Shit, we
want to fuck him, not kill him!"Hank grabbed my head by the back of the hair and pulled me back
towards him and asked, "That right bitch!? You want me to go easy
honey!? Or, do you like, uh, it this way!? You like, uh, uh, big
hard dicks spearing into this hungry cunt of yours slut boy!?" I
moaned, "Fuck me Hank! Fuck me! Anyway you want me stud, fuck me,
fuck me!" He laughed and slammed up into me again and said, "See Tony
bud, the bitch don't care how hard you fuck him, just so he gets what
he needs and craves!" He slapped my ass and asked, "Ain't that right
pussy boy!? You love having a man use you like a slut pig whore,
don't you!?" He was slamming in and out of me at this point and I
shouted, "Yes, yes, use me, use me! Oh Hank, use my slut pussy stud,
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this pussy whore, use me, fuck me, fill me stud!!" He laughed
and I stared at Tony, who was standing there, watching as Hank
pummeled my ass good!Then, Hank grasped my hips and drove into me hard and said, "Oh Joey,
you hot cunt little bitch whore!! Awwwwww, fell it cunt! Feel that
hot cream, uh, teen virgin fucked uh, you fucking cunt whore bitch boy slut pig!!" I
moaned as I clamped my ass muscles tight around the hard shooting
shaft inside me, milking it as I pushed back into his crotch. Then,
he jerked his still shooting cock out of my hole and shove it up
against the backs of my balls. He bathed them in his cum and then,
moved his cock back up and shoved it into me again. I was delirious
with pleasure as he did this and worked my ass like the whore I was on
his softening cock.He pulled out of me and slapped my ass as he rolled to the side of me
on the bed. He grasped my chin and said, "Good honey! You took that
like I love my little whores to take it!" I slid my head over to lay
it on his chest, my ass still up in the air as I cooed, "Ooo, Hank,
you're such a stud and I love the way you fuck me!" virgine world sex
Just then, Tony
had moved over and my face was pushed harder into Hank's chest as Tony
slammed his cock up pretens virgins xxx into me all the way. He slapped little xxx virgin fresh
my ass and said,
"You want to be fucked bitch boy!? Then, get fucked you little faggot
cocksucker!!" Hank laughed little naked virgin as he watched me grimace from the hard
shafting I was getting, but I didn't care. These two thai virgin porn
studs could do
anything they wanted to me and I would have let them.In and out Tony's hard cock filled my hungry pussy. Fucking me deeply
for a bit, then, slow and easy, making sure I felt every inch of his
hard fucker as he slid it up into me. I was leaning over Hank by this
time, my hands on either side of his body as I rocked from the way
Tony 14 virgin porn was putting his dick to me. Hank reached under to my chest and
grasped my left tit and gave it a hard squeeze and said, "Come free anal virgin porn
bitch! Work that pussy for your stud's cock honey! Squeeze on it,
milk it, show that cock how good your pussy feels taking it! Work on
it Joey, work that pussy bitch!" I moaned, my head rolling from side
to side as his fingers pinched and squeezed on my nipple and Tony
fucked me.I worked my ass, oh yes, like the little fuck whore I was! I worked it
tight and then, loose, then, tight, then loose, matching the thrusts
of Tony's cock in and out of me. He slapped my ass over and over and
I responded by lifting it higher for him, giving it to him, as he
plowed into me deep and all the way to his balls. Then, Hank pulled
my head over and shoved my face into his crotch, rubbing it against
his still sticky cum covered bald virgin pussy cock shaft. I tried to get it into my mouth,
but he just wanted to shove my face into his cock and balls. I didn't
care, I was where I wanted to be! Oh yeah, my ass being filled by that
luscious cock of Tony's, my face buried in Hank's sticky crotch, a
cocksucker's heaven!!Hank said, "When you cum Tony, pull out! I want to see shoot it on
bitch boy here's face!" Tony laughed and then, pulled his cock out
and Hank shoved me over onto my back. Tony crawled up over me and
jerked his cock a few times and then, aimed it at my face. I lay
there, looking up at him, wanting what he was going to do, wanting to
show him how eager I was for him to mark me, cum on me, show me where
I belonged! He growled, "Awwww shit, ahhhhhhh, uhhhhhhh," and then,
his cock shot onto my face. I opened my mouth and pushed my face up to
receive his load and he aimed the spurts onto it, till it dripped off
my eyes and nose. He shoved the head into my mouth and I clamped my
lips around it and sucked hard, drawing out the last of his cum, as he
moaned over me, "Aww shit, yeah, take it Joey, take it baby, drink
that cum!"Even when his cum stopped, I looked up at him and wouldn't let his
cock from my lips. He looked down at me and then, relaxed and he held
my head as his piss began to flow. I drank it eagerly, hungrily, not
wanting to miss a drop as he fed me from his wondrous tap. When he
stopped pissing, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and wiped it on my
face. Then, he took a few slides into my mouth, making me clean his
cock from the cum he put on it. I licked and sucked it as he repeated
this till I had almost all of his cum back in my mouth. Hank stroked
the back of my head and said, "Now that's the way a good pussy boy
should be Joey! Eager to service his studs and make sure they're nice
and clean nude exploited virgin
afterward!"I pulled off Tony's cock and turned and slid my mouth to Hank's semi
hard shaft and licked and sucked it clean and then, worked on the
hairs around it and his balls. I got him cleaned and lifted my head
and looked up at him and Tony and said, "I love being a pussy boy for
you two studs! I love it, a lot!!" Tony laughed and so did Hank, and
Tony moved over and pulled my face into his hairy cock and balls and
said, "And we love the way you take care of us honey!" I moaned into
his crotch and then, he pulled back. He slid onto the bed and pulled
me up against him, and Hank rolled over and the two of them held me
tightly between them, their bodies touching me all over. Tony smiled
and said, "Who would have thought, two days ago, that you'd be such an
eager little pussy slut Joey!?"I smiled up at him and said, "Well, I guess I had some good teachers!"
Hank pressed against my back and said, "And we enjoyed teaching you
honey! Aren't too many pussy boys we know that are always so eager to
be fucked!" I leaned my head back against his shoulder and said, "For
you stud, and you Tony, I'm always eager to have you fuck me! I love
the way your dicks feel in me and the way they taste in my mouth!"
They both chuckled and held me tightly to them, and we lay like that
for a few minutes. Then, Tony stood up and said, "Well, better let
you litle sex virgin go Joey. Don't want you to be too tired for your daddy!" Hank
asked, "What do you mean Tony!?"Tony smiled as he pulled me up along side him and lifted my chin and
said, "Joey here is his daddy's little pussy whore. Right Joey?" I
smiled and said, "I sure am. I love being my daddy's virgins teen childrens
little whore!"
Hank asked, "You mean, your father has fucked you too Joey?" Tony
laughed and said, "Not only fucked him, but gave him to his best
friend too! Right Joey?" I smiled and hugged against his hairy chest
and said, "Oh yeah! Jim is really hot and I love the way he fucks me
too!" Hank frowned then, smiled and said, "Well, if your daddy fucks
you, then, he must love you a lot Joey!" I smiled and said, "Well, deforation of virgins at
least I know he loves my mouth and pussy!" That got them both and me,
to laughing.We went into the bathroom, the three of us and began to get cleaned
up, laughing and porno virgin kid joking. We finished flight to virgin islands and I grabbed the remnants of my
shirt and Tony applied some more of the ointment to my back. Then, I
slid up russian virgin naked against him and Hank and kissed each on the cheek and said,
"See you later studs!" Hank slapped my butt as I turned and said,
"You bet bitch! Plan to make sure this horny little cunt of yours
gets just what it needs!" I giggled and wiggled my butt at him and
Tony as I got to the door and said, "Anytime you want my horny cunt
stud, you can put your big horns into it! It loves your big cocks!"
He laughed and so did Tony as I went out.I walked back to our cabin and went up onto the porch and over to the
hammock. I lay down on it on my belly and smiled to myself as I still
tasted Tony's and Hank's cum in my mouth. I lay there for a bit and,
the heat from the day made me sleepy, I dozed off. I woke up a bit
later as I heard my dad ask, "What the hell happened to you Joey!?" I
stirred and stretched and knew he was looking at my back. I said,
"Uh, I slid on the rocks daddy. Cut my back and my shirt up. virgin gallery thumbnail photo Tony
put some stuff on it and it don't hurt or anything." He stood there,
looking down at me and I could see that he was a little aroused. He
asked, "You sure you're o.k., Joey?" I smiled up at him and said,
"Yes daddy." He turned and walked into the cabin and I lay there as I
saw my mother, brother and sister come down the walk.My sister's boyfriend Charlie was with them and I couldn't help myself
as I licked my lips looking at him. He had a nice body, even if he
was younger than Hank or Tony. I sat up and watched them virgins tpg
as they
smiled at me and went inside. I heard them talking and then, Charlie
came out onto the porch. He walked over to me and said, "How you
doing sport?" I smiled up at him and said, "O.k., Charlie." His
shirt was open and his chest was smooth, taut and he had nice little
nipples that looked so suckable. He had a dark treasure trail from
his belly button down into the trunks he was wearing and I wondered
what his cock was like. He lit up a cigarette and leaned against the
porch as he looked out towards the lake.As he stood there, he crossed one leg over the other annals of southwestern virginia and the movement
made his crotch bulge up. I knew he must have a nice sized dick, and
stared at the bulge hungrily. Just then, my dad came out and Charlie
straightened up as he walked towards us. He went behind me and pushed
me over onto my belly and said, "Let's have a look at those
scratches." Charlie hissed and asked, "How did that happen?" I said,
"Slid on some rocks, those big ones over there. Was climbing on them
and when I came down, guess it was too fast." He stared at me and
then, my dad patted my butt and said, "Well, don't look as bad as I
thought. Guess that stuff Tony put on you must be working." I looked
up at my dad and said, "It doesn't hurt at all daddy. Feels funny,
but it doesn't hurt."Charlie said, "Maybe you need someone to watch you more Joey. Seems
like you keep getting into things." My dad laughed and ruffled my hair
and said, "Joey's o.k., Charlie. He's just a kid and gets into things
a bit, that's all. He'll be virgine innocent girl fine." I smiled up at my dad and then,
he leaned over and kissed my cheek and whispered, "I bet you'd be even
better if Charlie put his dick in your mouth, wouldn't you pussy
boy!?" I blushed and dad chuckled as he walked towards the door,
saying, "You just stay there for a bit Joey." I was still blushing
and looked over at Charlie, and realized, my dad was right, I did wish
Charlie would put his dick in my mouth. Or my ass. I giggled and
Charlie asked, "What's so funny?"I shook my head virginia tech youth cap and said, "Nothing, just felt like laughing." He
stared at me for a second and then, tossed his butt away and shaking
his head, turned and went back inside. I lay there a bit longer, not
knowing what to do. A little while later, Brad, my sister, and
Charlie came out and headed down the walk towards the beach. I
watched them leave and then, Mrs. Johnson, Jim's wife came up the walk
and smiled as she waved and asked, "Your mother in Joey?" I said,
"Yes ma'am." She went to the door, knocked a couple times and then,
went in. I lay there as I heard her talking to my mom and then, my
dad came out onto the porch.He was wearing his shorts and a tshirt and I loved the sight of him as
he came walking towards me. He stood near me and put his finger to
his lips and said, "Shh, lets wait till they leave." I lay there, a
funny feeling fluttering in my belly as my mom and Mrs. Johnson came
out. My mom walked over and looked at my back and said, "You're right
John, it isn't that bad naked virgin free pics
after all." She looked right into my eyes and
said, "Honey, you have got to be more careful. Do you hear me Joey?"
I hung my head and said, "Yes mom!" She leaned over and kissed my
forehead and said, "Me and Linda are going for a swim. You going to
be alright here?" My dad said, "He will be honey. virgin sex sites free
You and Linda go
on and I'll take care of Joey!"I looked up at his face when he said this and he winked, as my mom
said, "Well, just keep him out of trouble." She turned and she and
Mrs. Johnson headed down the litle virgins pussy walk. When they got out of sight, my dad
turned, his arms crossed his chest, his hips thrust out and I could
see his cock was hard as it tented his shorts. He asked, "Now, how
can we keep you from getting into trouble!" He smiled down at me as
he walked around the hammock, his arms crossed, his shorts tenting
even more as I stared at them and up to his face. He said, "Well,
there's only one way to keep you from getting into trouble, isn't
there bitch!? Yeah, and that's to put a dick in you! Am I right
Joey!? Is that what it will take to keep you out of trouble!?"He came towards me and I reached up and slid my hand along the big
bulge in his shorts and said, "Yes daddy!" He chuckled and pushed
into my hand and asked, "And, is it virgin nude boys foto
just one dick, or do you need
more!?" I bit my lip, not sure how to answer. He put his hand on my
chin and lifted it and said, "Now, tell me the truth little whore! Is
it more than one dick that will keep you out of trouble!? Or, virgin girl sexy do you
need a lot of dick to keep you out of trouble!?" I sex nude virgins still didn't know
what to say as I looked up at him. He chuckled again and said, "Well,
guess we'll just have to find out, won't we bitch whore!?" I gulped
and said, "Yes daddy!"With that, he teen virgin fuck slid his shorts down under his balls and said, "On your
knees cocksucker! Get down here and service my cock Joey! Come on
your fucking little whore cunt!" I slid to my knees in front of him,
not carrying that I was almost in sight of anyone that wanted to see
us. I slid my mouth onto his cock and he held my head and fucking virgin free began to
fuck my mouth back and forth. I loved it and his complete control
over me got me more and more excited. He pumped my mouth for a bit
and then, he jerked his cock out and said, "Turn around honey! Want
that hot little pussy of yours!" I slid around and pushed my ass up
for him and then, he knelt between my legs and grasped my hips.I felt the head of his cock touch my hole and moaned as he slammed up
into me, not stopping till I had every inch in me. There was a little
pain, but then, he began to fuck me and that pain was replaced by
pleasure. I rocked there, on my hands knees, giving my ass to my daddy
and knew I always wanted a man to be using me this way. I pushed back
time and again as my dad fucked me, not a word being said. I loved it
and moaned and rocked for him, letting him use my ass for his
pleasure, luxuriating in submitting to him. I knew I was to be this
way for men, to be used for their pleasure, no questions asked, just
do it for them, and I did it virgin pussy photographs for daddy that afternoon.He fucked me twice, hardly even taking his cock out of me between each
fuck. Then, he fed me his piss and then, fucked my mouth a few more
times. By the time the rest of my family got back, I was one tired
little whore and daddy knew it, but smiled at me all the while. asian petit sex virgin A
little later, we had dinner and afterwards, my dad took me aside. He
said, "Joey, I want you to go to the shed. When you get there, if
there's nobody inside, I want you to get naked. Jim wants your ass
and mouth and I want you to give them to him. You got that honey!?"
I said, "Yes daddy, I will!" He patted my butt and said, "Good. Now
hurry up bitch, your studs cock is waiting." I hurried to the shed and
when I got there, naked little virgins Jim was already there and he had another naked man
with him.He smiled when I came in and I stood there, a little hesitant. He
said, "This is Greg Joey. He likes little pussy boys too! Right Greg?"
Greg said, "Oh yeah. So, you like dick Joey!? You like to suck it
and have it fucked to you!?" I hesitated and Jim said, "Tell him
Joey! Tell him what you like!" I looked at Greg, as he began stories girls virgin incest to take
off his shirt exposing a smooth but broad chest. entrepeneurs virgin When he started on
his pants I said, "I like to suck cock and be fucked Greg!" He
chuckled and came walking towards me, stroking his hardon, not as big
as Jim's, but a nice one anyway. He waved it up and down and asked,
"You want this one honey!?" I slid to my knees eagerly and took his
cock into my mouth, barely getting out a 'yes,' before my mouth closed
down on it.He chuckled and said, "Guess you right after all Jim. Little bitch
loves to take cock!" I heard Jim laugh and then, felt his hands on my
hips, as he pulled my shorts down and off. He said, "Wait till you
get virgins girl pics into his hot little pussy Greg! This bitch loves dick in the
ass!" I illegal virgin teen photos moaned as I felt his cockhead at my hole, remembering the
feel of it and then, loving the feel of it as he shoved up into me. I
loved it, on my hands and knees, a cock in my mouth and one in my ass.
I was where I belonged again and surrendered to the two studs. For
the next hour or so, the two of them fucked me in all kinds of
positions, fed me their cocks and cum, and even their piss. I didn't
care, as I was getting dick and I loved it and worked my mouth and ass
on overtime wanting to please them.At one point, Jim had hungarian virgin sex video me bent over the sacks on my back. He was
eating my pussy and I was rocking back and forth. Greg moved over and
got astraddle my head and looked down at me and asked, "You like
eating ass bitch!?" I slid my hands along his thighs and said, dark virgins sites
yes Greg! I love a man's ass, especially when its nice and sweaty!"
He chuckled and said, "Well bitch boy, all this fucking has got me
nice and sweaty! Get down your face between my legs and lick my ball
sweat bitch!" family virgin sex movies
I moaned as he leaned over me, lifting my face to his
big hairy balls. I licked and virgine sex pix sucked at them, tasting his sweat on
them as he rocked a little from side to side. He said, "Oh man Jim,
you never told me this little cunt pig was so hot. I mean, you said
he loved to suck and fuck, but this! Man, this has really been hot!
Go for it bitch pig, lick them balls, lick the sweat right out of my
crack boy!"I did little girls virgin lust as he wanted and he practically sat on my face as I heard Jim
chuckling, his fingers working in my oozing hole. He said, Asian virgin panties
"Yeah, one
thing I've learned about Joey is that to be between a man's thighs, or
his face buried in your ass and he's right at home!" Greg lifted up
and leaned up against the wall of the shed and said, "Get in there
Joey! Get that slut pig face of yours up my ass crack and lick it you
little whore!" Jim laughed as I turned around onto my belly and
shoved my face into Greg's sweaty crack. I licked up and down it and
then, all over his butt cheeks, finally stopping at his hole. I pushed
his cheeks wider and licked all around his brown pucker and then,
began to thrust my tongue in and out of it.Greg moaned and said, "Yeah, cum on pig, lick that man hole! Lick it
good Joey, lick it like you love it cunt face! Lick that man shitter
cunt mouth!" I moaned into his ass as I held onto his hips, working
my tongue in and out of his hole and around and around it. Just then,
Jim shoved his big dick into me, pushing in even further into Greg's
crack. As he did, he said, "Got to get rid of some piss guys! Here
it cums Joey, you toilet hole! Take my piss cunt!" I moaned as I
felt his hot piss shoot into me and Greg pulled away from my face and
asked, "You really pissing inside him Jim!?" Jim pulled my head up
and said, "Tell him bitch!"I looked up at Greg and said, "Oh yes, he's pissing in me Greg! Oh
Jim, fill me with your piss stud, ooo, so hot, so good!" Jim laughed
and slapped my upturned butt and asked, "What do you think of that
Greg!?" Greg jerked my head up and began to whip his cock back and
forth across my face as he said, "When you're done buddy, I'm gonna
add some to his hot cunt hole too! Yeah, toilet pig, gonna have you
filled with our cum, and our piss!" Jim laughed and hymen virgin free pics then, pulled out
of me, saying, "Already for another fill up Greg buddy!" Greg moved
behind me and held my head back by the hair as he shoved up into me
hard. I moaned and then, felt his cock letting loose inside me. I
wiggled my ass excitedly, squeezing on his shaft, wanting virgin gratis porn him to use
me as his toilet! Finally, they were done with me and Jim slapped my
butt and said, "Better get home Joey! Tell virgins defloration mpgs
your dad you did a good
job honey! A real good job!"I heard laughter as I left the shed, but I didn't care as I felt their
cum and piss oozing down the insides of my legs as I walked back to
the cabin. When I got there, my dad was over on one side, along side
the porch. He motioned me over and asked, "Well, did you do a good
job honey!?" I looked up at him and said, "Jim said to tell you I did
a real good job daddy!" He smiled and slid down his shorts and said,
"Turn around and bend over Joey!" I did as he wanted and then, he
shoved his cock into me and pulled me up against his chest. His mouth
was at my ear and said, "So baby, this is what amateur virgin its going to be like
for awhile! I get you some dick and you service it! You o.k., with
that Joey!?"He was moving his cock in and out of me as he asked this and I said,
"Oh yes daddy, oh yes! Hmmm, you feel so good daddy, so good, so
hard!" He virgin outdoor free chuckled and then, turned us so that I was up against the
side of the cabin. little virgins porno
He pushed in and out of me, fucking me out in the
open like the virgin boy gay whore I had become and I loved it and wanted him to
never stop. virgin boy doujinshi When he came, he shot into me, but pulled out quickly and
shoved me to my knees and shoved his spurting cock into my mouth. I
took it eagerly, hungrily, as I swallowed the last of his cum and
then, let him piss in my mouth. When he was done, he pointed at the
hose and said, "Use that to get cleaned up bitch and then, get to
bed."That was it, fuck me, tell me to get cleaned up and then, order me to
bed! I was a little shocked, but I did as he ordered and then, went
and got into my hammock and went to sleep. The next morning, I had
breakfast with the family and then, they all left to go to the lake
and stuff. I hung back around at the cabin virgin schoolgirls panties for an hour or so, and
then, my dad came back in. He smiled at me as he stood in front of
me, his shorts growing a nice bulge. I knew what he wanted and slid
to my knees and took out his hardening cock and began to suck on it.
He said, "Good boy Joey! You're learning your place honey! Yeah,
like that, on your knees, a big dick in your mouth! rusian virgin nude And, you love
it, don't you honey!? child porno virgin
You love sucking dick and being used like this,
don't you!?" I pulled off his cock and said, "Anything you want me to
do daddy and yes, I love being used like this!" He fucked my mouth
till he fed me his load and then, stepped back.He said, "Come on Joey. Want to take you somewhere." I got up and he
handed me a shirt he had brought out and then, I followed him to the
car. We got in and I asked, "Where are we going daddy?" He smiled and
said, "Where you will get to be the little whore cunt you are Joey!
And, if I know the guys I'm thinking of, your little cunt and mouth
are sex amateur virgin seventeen
going angel baby virgin teen to get screwed big time! virgin face fucked
Want that honey? Want to show
daddy how good you are at being his whore Joey!?" I said, "Yes daddy,
anything you want daddy! I want to be a good whore for you daddy!" He
chuckled and said, "Slide over here then." I moved over towards him
and he said, "Now, the place I'm going to take you to might be a
little rough. But, I'll be virgin funlumpkins no titts
there and nobody will hurt you, but, you
have to be willing to put out! Can you do that Joey? Can you put out
like a whore for me Joey!?" I looked up at him and said, "Yes daddy,
anything for you daddy!"He smiled and said, "Put your hand inside my shorts Joey. Want you to
play for a while." I slid my hand down into his shorts and grasped
his big hardon. He let me play with it as we drove down out of virgins xxx the
park and gloryholes in virginia beach down some winding road. We passed a few houses and then,
turned off and we were at a place that was shielded from the road.
There were motorcycles and a few pickups and one or two cars in front
of the place as we pulled up and parked. He said, "Now, you let me do
the talking Joey. Stay close to me!" I got out and walked with him
into the place. It was a bar and there was laughter and loud music,
but it was dark too. I heard a voice say, "Hey, we don't serve kids
in here buddy!"My dad put his arm around my shoulder and led me over to the bar and
he motioned for the man to come to him. He said, "Listen, Joey here
doesn't drink, but he has some special talents that he likes to show
off for guys. Loves to service men, if you know what I mean! Think I
might have brought him to the right illegal russian porno virgins place?" The man looked me up and
down and motioned, "Turn him around. Now, pull those shorts down."
My dad turned me around and then, pulled my shorts down and rubbed my
butt cheeks. He asked, "What do you think guy? This bitch loves to
have these cheeks played with and have things put inside pre hair virgins his sweet
hole! Think some of your guys here might want to have a little fun?"
As he said this last, he slid his hand along my crack and spread it a
bit and then, eased a finger into me.The man asked, "God damn, shit, are you offering him to us!?" My dad
said, "For $5 a first sex teen virgin
pop, you guys can feed him, fuck him, piss and cum in
and on him. What do you say?" The man leaned over towards a man
watching us at a nearby table and said, "Gary, go lock the door.
Looks like we're gonna have an afternoon party!" I watched the guy
Gary go to the door and lock it and pull down the little shade. All
the while, my dad was working his finger in and out of my hole. Then,
the man at the counter shouted, "Hey, you mother fuckers! Listen up!"
There was a slow silence and then, nubile amateur virgin thumbs the man said, "This here guy is
offering us this sweet looking little piece as a fun toy! Turn him
around photos real virgins guy! Let the guys see what you're offering!"Dad turned me virginie video sex amateur so that my butt was pointed into the bar, and then, he
moved around in front of me and pushed me to my knees. He leaned over
me and slid his hands over my butt cheeks and said, "Spread them
honey!" I spread my legs and he slid a finger up into me. He said,
"Now, this here little cunt whore loves taking dick! He likes to suck
it, have it fucked to him, and he don't care if you piss or cum in
him! So, for $5 bucks each, who wants to fuck my boy here!?" The
bartender said, cp links virgins "Shit, I'm in! Anyone else!?" There was a little
silence as the men in there took in what was going on. Then, my dad
added a second finger into me and I wiggled my butt fuckng virgin and moaned as he
did.Just then, I heard, "Shit, look at that little bitch! He really wants
it! I'm in, here's my five bucks mister!" I felt my naked 15 y.o. virgin arm being pulled,
and then, there was a chorus of 'here's my money!' as I was moved
around and looked up at the man that held my arm. He smiled and
looked over his shoulder and said, "How's about doing a little strip
for us honey!? Get up there on that table and take off these shorts
and stuff real slow, little virgin african girl
show us what you want baby!" I looked up at my
dad and he nodded his head and motioned for me to go do what the free virgine sex
wanted. I walked over to one of the tables, as I heard some music
start up and climbed up on it.By this time, all the men were crowding around the table, there must
have been fifteen or twenty of them. The man that had told me to get
up, was right at the edge and said, "Strip honey! Give us a show!" I
could see my dad at the counter, his hand down inside his shorts, his
other hand on the bar with money in it. He nodded his head and I
remembered that I said I would be a good whore for him. I listened
to the music, beginning to sway to the beat and then, began to dance.
I began a slow bump and grind and slipped off my shirt and tossed it
over the men. They were clapping and cheering as I slid my hands
along my chest and belly and cupped my nipples, as I swayed and humped
my hips to the music. Then, as I stared at the lustful eyes and
listened to their nasty words of encouragement, I began to get into
the little dance.I teased them as I wiggled my hips, sliding my shorts down to one
side, exposing one butt cheek to them. Then, putting virgins privat porn a finger at my
mouth, like some little kid, I slid the other side down and wiggled my
butt. I kept this up for a bit, alternately exposing a cheek and
wiggling it as the men got even louder and more excited. When I
leaned way over and slid the shorts down over my butt cheeks, pushing
them back for the men, something was thrown onto the table. It landed
between my legs and I looked down and it was something that looked
like a log. One of the men reached up and slapped asian virgin pics
my bare butt and
said, "Use it honey! Show us where you like big long dicks honey, use
that dildo bitch!" I reached down for the thing and lovingly stroked
it and it felt sort of velvety, like a cock. I rubbed it against my
face from side to side and then, across my small tits virgin pic
lips.As I did, I felt hands on my hips and my shorts were pulled down to my
feet. I slid the end of the dildo to my lips and, as I slid to my
knees, slid it into my mouth. I got a chorus of "hot damn, look at
that hungry bitch!,', and, 'yeah, suck it honey, suck it!' and 'man,
look at this hot little bitch go!" I leaned over onto all fours, the
thing in my mouth and then, leaned down further, holding it as I
leaned on my elbows. I began to work the thing in and out of my mouth
as I wiggled my butt up in the air. Then, I felt hands on my ass,
spreading my cheeks, hands grasping at my balls and little dick and
then, a big finger sliding into me. I moaned on the mouth filling
dildo as hands began to play all over my body.Then, I took the dildo out of my mouth and slid it down under my balls
and placed the end at my hole. It virgin teens newsgroups
was taken out of my hand at that
point, but it was placed at my hole real quick. Then, porn virgin it was being
shoved up into me and I moaned, my head lifting as I gasped, "Oh yes,
yes, in me, in me!" I was lost by that point. I forgot about my dad,
about how he was taking money for these men playing with me, and
thought only about elete virgins how I just wanted to please them! I humped my hips
as different hands worked the dildo in and out of my ass hole, as my
cock and balls were pulled and stroked and hands played with my tits.Just then, a man moved up in front of me, and his cock was hanging out
the fly of his levis. I slid my hand to it and then, put my lips
around it as I looked up at the man. I slid it into my mouth and
began to bob my head as he chuckled and said, "Man, look at this
cocksucker chow down on my cock guys! Really hot mouth too!" He slid
one hand to my head and held it as he began to fuck my mouth. Then, I
felt my legs being pulled wider, making me virgin hardcore russian
lie on the table, my cock
under me. Then, I felt something at my hole and moaned on the cock in
my mouth as another was being shoved up into me. I eagerly wiggled my
butt at the man fucking me and then, I became lost in being my whore
self!I sucked the first man off, and he was replaced by another. The man
fucking me shot into me and another cock was pushed into my ass cunt.
A little later, I was moved to another table, smaller one, and my head
was over the side, backwards. I watched as a man moved up and guided
his dick into mouth and I began to suck on it. I held onto his thighs
as he fed his cock to me and felt my legs being spread wider. I felt
something on my ankles and then, there was a cock being shoved up into
me. My lower body arched up to the cock fucking me and then, my butt
cheeks rape dvd virgin teen and backs of my thighs were slapped over and over as I heard,
"Yeah, fuck that cunt hole!," and "Yeah, fuck that bitch, give him all
you got buddy!," and, more things, calling me names and using me and I
loved it all!Some how they had got my feet tied into some straps and the straps
were hooked over some hooks in the ceiling. My legs were pulled real
wide as over and over my mouth and ass were fucked till the cum was
running out my lips and out my ass hole. Then, three or four of the
men lifted me and guided me over another man, who was holding up a
real big cock. I was lowered on it and the men worked me up and down
on it. My head lolled from side to side as the big dick speared up
into me over and over and the men worked me on it. Then, the man
fucking me laughed and said, "Watch this guys!" As they lowered me
onto him again, he began to piss inside me and I could feel the hot
liquid adding to virgin swedish porn all the cum in me. When he finished, he pulled out
and asked, "Anyone else want to piss up the bitch!?" There was
laughter, as another man moved under me and facts kids west virginia I was pushed down on his
cock.This man pissed into me too, and then, three more before they let me
fall to the floor. Then, five or six of the men stood over me and
began to piss on me and a couple jerked off as well, mixing their cum
with the piss flowing over my body. Then, I was made to crawl around
on all fours and offer myself to any man that wanted me. I did it
eagerly, wantonly. Sliding up to a man sitting in a chair, his legs
spread wide, his cock waving between them. I slid onto his cock,
sucking it wildly till he fed me either his cum or piss and then, on
to another man. I was turned around and held by the shoulders as
different men took turns fucking me, or pissing up into me, and still
it went on!At one point, I remember my dad, standing over me as a group of the
men crowded around us, and dad began to piss on me. I moaned and ran
my hands through his flow as it hit my body and wiped it all over
myself and even into my mouth, and left my mouth open as he aimed for
it. He abandon swimming beaches virginia
fed me his piss and as another man moved over to piss into my
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mouth and loved it all! And wanted more and metart virgin didn't care how many
times they put their cocks into me or on me, just so I was getting
those cocks!When a man discovered that I liked to eat ass, hell, that was added to
the excitement as I was made to eat the ass of any man that wanted me
too! I was laid on the bar at one point and the men came up to me and
shoved the dildo into my ass as they played with my tits and body. I
wriggled in lust as they did this to me. At one time the bartender
grabbed a bottle of beer and shook and moved a guy with the dildo away
from my ass and said, "Watch this guys! Teen virgins first time Gonna give the cunt a beer
enema!" I was hardly aware as the guy shook virgin teen sexy the bottle till it was
almost bursting out of the grandpa fuck virgins bottle. Two me reached down and spread my
hole as the nude virgin boy bartender shoved the open in up into me, free virgins little russian along with his
thumb on holding the beer in. He slapped at my ass cheek and then,
pulled his thumb out of me and I almost shouted out from the wild
feeling! The beer shot up into me from the bottle, the carbonation
doing wild things inside me.The bartender held it in me till it stopped fizzing and then, had two
of the men hold my legs up as he upended the bottle and filled me with
the rest. Then, another man brought him another bottle, then,
another! Three beer bottles were emptied into me and my insides were
going wild from the way the carbonation was reacting. Then, one guy
came up and said, "Never free virgin porn pictures
drank me any beer from a pussy! Think it
might be good!?" The bartender laughed and slapped my inner thigh and
said, "Have at it if you want guy!" Two more men joined the first one
as I was pulled to the edge of the bar, my legs spread widely. Then,
they slapped my ass and thighs until the movement inside me was too
much, and the beer shot from my hole.Beer, piss and cum shot onto the faces of the men crouched between my
legs, and one slid up and closed his mouth over my hole. He drank
some and then, pulled off and one of the other two moved in for his.
The third man got the rest, and stood up, wiping his mouth with the
back of his hand as he said, "Nice beer bitch boy!" I could have
cared less as just then, a man was moving over my head, saying, "Eat
my ass cunt toilet!" I held his thighs as he lowered his ass to my
mouth and I shoved my tongue up into him wildly! I ate his ass and
then, was pulled down onto the floor and two or three more asses were
offered to my hungry mouth. All the while, a couple more men took
turns on my wiggling ass!I don't remember too much after that as it was all naked men, hard
cocks, big hairy balls, hairy ass cracks, cum and piss, and me being
fucked at both ends! Finally it was over and the bartender helped my
dad take me out to the back of the place, and while I sucked on the
bartenders cock, my dad washed me off. Then, my dad walked me around
to the car. I was shaky, a little tired, preeten virgin
and I could still feel the
cum inside my ass as I moved. We got in the car and he sat there for
a bit, looking at me. Then, he pulled out a wad of bills and said,
"Look at this Joey! I just made $125 bucks off your ass and mouth!
Now you're a real whore baby! Yeah, a whore that gets paid to give
his ass and mouth and body to men to fuck! What do you think of that
Joey!?"I looked at my dad and blushed and asked, "Did I do good daddy!?" He
chuckled and lifted my chin and said, "Honey, you did better than
good! You were terrific! Here, take twenty of this for yourself.
Every whore needs a little when he gets pimped!" I really didn't
understand what he was saying as I looked at the money in my hand. I
looked up at my dad and asked, "Will I be doing this some more
daddy!?" He pulled me over against virgin asian schoolgirl him and said, "Sure honey! I know
lots of men that will fuck you and give you dick baby! But, we'll
make sure you get just what you need and I know you need it don't you
Joey!?" I looked up at him and said, "I can't help it daddy! I see a
man's cock, hard, soft, even in his pants and I can't really see it
and I feel a twinge in my ass and my mouth waters!"He laughed and pushed my face down to his crotch and said, "Suck
honey, we'll drive home slowly!" I sucked my dad's cock till we got
almost back to the lake and then, he pushed my head down and said,
"Swallow it honey, take it all Joey!" He bucked his hips up to my
face and shot another load of his hot cream to my mouth. I loved it
and moaned in pleasure as he fed it to me. When he stopped cumming,
he pulled my head up and I smiled up at him and said, "Ooo, daddy, I
sure love swallowing your cum!" He laughed and we drove on till we
got back to the cabin.
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