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From: Joseph Foster
Subject: gay-celebrity-marvelously charming 24Marvelously CharmingChapter 24All good things..."He's not breathing...""No that can't be, he can't be gone, you have to try and bring him back.""I tried, I really did, he's gone.""NOOOOO!!!!!""Why did this happen, oh my god how are we gonna tell him the love of his
life is gone?""Maybe we won't sex young teen
have to..." Johnny said"What do you mean Caleb's gone, C.J and Chris came so close, they still
haven't woken up..." Wyatt said"Yes. But you have the power to assume control of people, or things, Chris
told me about the time you made a robot self destruct during a danger room
session, combine that with your projection power, and your healing ability
and you should be able to do exactly the opposite to a human, and if that
doesn't work there's always time travel" Johnny said"I could try..." Wyatt said, tgp young
concentrating very hard on taking over Caleb's
body, once he was in control, he used his powers to awaken the senses and
brain activity, respiration, nudist young teens
and projected his healing power throughout the
body, wanting life more than anything else."It worked, but what Wyatt didn't know was he had transferred the majority
of his life force to Caleb, and once Caleb awoke, Wyatt collapsed"Oh no, Wyatt.." Johnny said and suddenly he was no longer in control of
his own body, and was healing WyattWyatt regained consciousness "How did you... did it... oh..." He faded,
alive, but asleep "Could somebody please explain horny young girls
what the hell is going on
here?!" Carlos asked"Well if it wasn't already pretty obvious, they have magical powers, and
they were attacked by demons, it's all very simple honey." Gaby said"I would still feel better if they'd just wake up." Susan said"Wait a second I thought... he..." Tom said pointing to Caleb, who was now
holding C.J "was dead..." he finished"He was, but Wyatt, used basically all of his power to bring him back to
life." Johnny said"Really... wow... I didn't even think he liked me..." Caleb said"How could he not?" C.J said to Caleb weakly"You're awake..." Caleb said with a kiss to C.J"I'm not feeling too good..." C.J said"You were thrown over the banister, it's amazing you survived..." Caleb
said"Yeah?... No wonder my head hurts.." he croaked"Bree, could you please get him some....." Caleb, got disoriented and
passed out his head smashing into the cherry oak floor"Oh! This doesn't look good." Bree said"How could it, one of them was dead, now he's unconscious, and the other
two are still unconscious..." Susan saidBree filled some glasses "It was admirable, Chris almost died... to
save... me..." Bree said"Oh honey, you can't blame yourself, it's his calling to young driver insurance protect." Gaby
said"I know, but if I had simply minded my own business ...." Bree trailed"No, this is nobody's fault..." Lynette said, and they young leafs porn all walked back with
glasses of water for everyone, Chris still wasn't awake, neither was WyattJohnny was holding Chris... "Come on baby, you need to wake up for me,
please..." he cried onto Chris's forehead"Can somebody carry him upstairs I would but I'm unable to lift heavy
things..." Johnny said"Why not?" Mike asked"Well because... I ... um... I.. herniated a disk..." Johnny lied"Oh, ok, I've been there, I'll take him up." Mike saidMike gently picked up Chris, and carried him up the stairs, and to the
master bedroom, laying him on the bed... "mmm.. hey..." Chris said, kissing
the lips of the person laying him in bed, the person pulled back, he opened
his eyes, and immediately litle youngest gay covered them after seeing Mike."OH.. GOD..." Chris said"Don't worry about it..." Mike said"I am SO sorry..." Chris said"It's ok, you were delirious, you forgot Johnny can't carry you because of
that herniated disk, honest mistake... right?" Mike said"Herniat... yeah, um I forgot about that herniated disk.""I won't say anything..." Mike said"Thanks. You know for carrying me, and for keeping quiet, but I'll just go
down on.. I MEAN with you." Chris said turning all shades of red"Remember... delirious..." Mike said with a chuckle and helped him up"I'm good..." Chris saidThey walked to the stairs, they saw young horny angles C.J sitting on the couch Fucking housewife young his arms
wrapped around Caleb's still form, "Hey everyone, look who woke sex young teens
up." Mike
said, and Chris was barraged with people"Oh baby, I'm so glad you're russia young girl ok." Johnny said kissing him like he'd never
kissed anyone before"Yeah... What happened anyway...?" Chris asked"Well, a massive demon attack, with C.J being thrown over the banister as
the diversion so we wouldn't know they were young 12yo pics coming, and then you saved
Bree's life but got knocked through that wall... did I miss anything?"
Susan said pointing at the wallBree hugged Chris "Thank you so much." She said"No problem..." Chris said"Ok guys, this has been a lot of fun, but I think everyone should head
home." Johnny young piss said"Thanks again." Everyone said as they walked to Piper's to get their
respective children"We'll do it again soon." Johnny said and ushered them outChris had walked over to the couch where Wyatt was still unconscious in
Pete's arms"How's he doing?" Chris asked, rubbing his neck"Oh, I-I-I don't kn-know." Pete said between sighs and what seemed to be a
yawnThe front kids young cunt
door opened and it asain young schoolgirl was the sisters, "Gaby said you guys young swimsuits were
attacked, is everything ok?" Piper asked, but then saw Wyatt, "What
happened...?" she asked stroking her eldest's faceC.J watched the scene, and Chris and Johnny stood back, so Piper could get
down by her son, "We don't really know, but we know he used a strange
combination of powers, and a lot of magic to... bring Caleb back
to... life..." Johnny said"He did what?!" Piper, Phoebe, Paige, Chris, and C.J asked shocked at the
same time"He brought Caleb back to life..." Johnny said"How...?" Piper asked"I-I don't know, you'd have to ask him... um... who's with the kids?"
Johnny asked"Oh Leo put them to bed." Paige said"You mean I almost lost you? I can't even imagine losing you..." C.J said
and snuggled against his lover's large body, though he was not moving"I don't mean to interrupt..." Phoebe said"Oh..." C.J said and got up hugging his mother, "I love you mom!" he said,
causing Phoebe to be wide eyed and hold him at arm's length"That's the first time you've ever said that to me..." She said hugging him
again, tighter, "I love you too.""Caleb...?" Phoebe asked brutal rape young
"He's unconscious, I don't know why but I have a
really bad feeling..."The days turned into nights, and the nights turned to days... days became
weeks... and weeks became months... Wyatt and Caleb are still unresponsive"How's he doing today?" Chris asked"Same as every other day, I just can't bear to see him like this; you guys
need to do a spell, something..." Pete said crying"We're working on it, but if we don't word it properly it could have
terrible side effects." Chris said kissing the top of Pete's head and
walking out, a gesture witnessed by JohnnyJohnny walked to C.J's room, cat young porn
where he was folding his laundry"I have something to ask you..." Johnny said to C.J"As long as you can say it while you fold clothes, younger first nude
shoot..." C.J nude young lolta said not
looking upJohnny sat on the bed and began to help folding"Have you noticed Chris acting differently since Wyatt's been comatose...?"
Johnny asked"Well, I have noticed he goes to see him all the time, if he's not with you
or the kids, he's with Wyatt and Pete..." C.J said still not looking up"And Pete, how's he handling it?" Johnny asked"As good as can be expected, I mean this is his husband, and he may never
get him back..." C.J said looking Johnny in the eyes"And Chris and Pete, are they helping each other through young cartoon incest this? And how are
you taking this, I mean Caleb may not be your husband but you love him
don't you..." Johnny asked maintaining eye contact.."Well, it has certainly brought them closer..." C.J said noticing the
downcast in Johnny's eye, "Hey..." C.J grabbed Johnny's face in his hands,
"I know you're pregnant and your hormones are wacky, but you've been down
this road before, don't make any assumptions..." C.J said and tapped
Johnny's nose, causing him to laugh "And I am doing fine, but I REALLY wish
Caleb would wake up...""You know Ceej, you are really great, you would make a great father, I
think Caleb will be fine" Johnny said"Yeah I guess, but I'm not really the married with children type... But
being so close to losing him, I feel like I want to re-evaluate my options"
C.J said"Hey... neither was I, and from what I've heard neither was your mom, but
look at you Christie, Cooper, and Caitlyn, you're all here." Johnny said
and tapped C.J's nose, illegal young creampie "so think about THAT..." he finished and walked out2 weeks later"Ok, we nailed the spell, I tried it on Cyclone and it worked danny young shirtless
like a
charm..." Chris saidC.J perked up... "WHAT... What did you do to my puppy...?" he asked Chris,
shocked"Nothing... I just sorta... drained... his... um... life force...""WHAT?!""Don't worry I put it back, and I was just one witch, so the power of three
can certainly bring Wyatt back...""I still can't believe you drained my dog's life force..." C.J said, while
Chris and Johnny cracked up"Ok, enough laughing, C.J you and me have a date with Pete and Wyatt
upstairs Blonde busty young now..." Chris said, and Johnny's face went blank, C.J shot him a
"no" lookThey got up to the room, "Pete wait outside... C.J You just need to stand
on the other side of Wyatt, and we need to create a circle, each of us with
a hand on him." Chris explained, "Power of the brothers rise course unseen
across the skies, we call upon the Halliwell line, to reinforce the new
charmed line, infuse his soul with the life once known, let him rise and be
able to stand on his own." Chris recited, swirling white lights emerged
from both C.J and Chris, depositing into Wyatt's body, and out came a red
light that exploded"Is that what happened with Cyclone?" C.J asked"Basically, I think it worked."Wyatt's eyes fluttered open, "Is Caleb ok?" he asked"Wow... you were really out of it..." C.J said"Is he ok?""He's alive if that's what you mean." Chris said"Oh thank god... How long was I out?""Um.. About five months..." Chris said"Oh... that sucks... um... but everyone's ok?" Wyatt asked"Yep." C.J responded"Then that's cool, I just wanna see my kids, and my husband, that's all I
need.""HEY PETE COME ON BACK IN! HE'S AWAKE!"There was a blur and Pete was smothering Wyatt in kisses"Oh my god, I am so.. glad.. you're... alive.." Pete kissed him again"I just can't believe I've been gone for so long, how's Johnny and the
baby?" Wyatt asked"Good, he's about 6 youngest nudes free
months along now, we put off Jocelyn's second birthday
party for Uncle Wyatt, she wouldn't have it any young and pregnant
other way, told us so
herself." Chris said, raising his right hand as though he was under oath"Aww, where are my beautiful girls, and my niece and nephew?" Wyatt asked"They are downstairs, if you're strong enough you could come down.""I think I'll be fine." Wyatt saidThey got up and started walking, as they passed C.J's room, Wyatt saw Caleb
hooked up to machines"I thought you said he was ok!?" Wyatt exclaimed questioningly"He's alive, he's breathing on his own, but he's on a feeding tube." C.J
said"His mother was here, but went back to the hotel; she said she couldn't
bear to see him like this, she told us she wants the doctor to remove
it..." Chris said, C.J hadn't known the last part and had a shocked
expression, "they are taking it out bring um young this afternoon..." Chris finished"B-but, young old thumbs
he.. he'll DIE!" C.J said"I didn't..." Chris said"But he's not you Chris!" C.J yelled"Look Ceej, I know you love him, but you aren't his husband, his mother is
the only family he has left, she makes the decisions..." Wyatt said"I do love him, and I know how much he would hate this, so, let that bitch
unhook whatever she wants...""The bitch intends to do just that, I am going amateur young tits to save my son from the one
thing he would have hated more than dying, I do not blame you for being
angry, but your little crush on my boy aside, this is what's best." Evenlyn
Danvers stated coldly"You don't know anything about your son, young girls photos you've been withdrawn and selfish
his entire life, and now all of a sudden you show up here and intend to
tell ME, what HE would WANT?! You must be as crazy as he said..." C.J said
and got slapped"You are just some little faggot that wanted to get with my son, he's above
all that, and this relationship you've cooked up in your warped brain was
no more than a one sided obsession on your part, save me the love bullshit,
I can tell by the way you act, you are the only thing that matters to you,
screw everyone else and their feelings, my son has about 12 days to live
enjoy them." She said and stormed out"I can't believe she would do that to her own son, I hate her..." C.J said
and went to sit by Caleb's bedside"Is there anything we can do...?" Chris asked Wyatt quietly"It's his time, if I had been meant to save him he would have woken up..."
Wyatt explained"I can't believe after everything we've been through C.J has to suffer once
again..." Chris said and hugged Wyatt tightly"I know if it was Pete, Ceej or especially you, I don't know what I'd do, I
can't remember a time you haven't been there for me." Wyatt said and
gripped Chris tight"I wish we could save him, but it's not up to us this time, and I feel so
helpless.." Chris saidC.J sat gripping Caleb's hand, "I wish she knew, I wish she could
understand, Caleb, you are the one person in my life that I have actually
wished I was different for, the day you said I love you to me, was the day
I truly lived, and I only wish I had made the best of our time together,
you were so great, I wish we'd gotten married while we had the chance, I
only wish I was going to have you in my life..." C.J kissed his hand"I'm Doctor Bridges, I'm afraid you'll need to step out..." a doctor said
to C.J"I love you Caleb." C.J left the room cryingEvelyn Danvers sat in her hotel room, knowing what was happening at this
moment, she knew she should feel like she was helping her son, but she
couldn't help but feel that she was giving up on him, and that he still had
a chance...C.J walked into the family room, "They're doing it, they're un-hooking the
tube, I can't believe this..." he said and cp pics young some paramedics came in with a
gurney"We're here to transport the victim to the hospital." A burly medic stated"First door on the left upstairs." Johnny said"Now they're taking him away younggirls tgp to die..." C.J said and buried his face in
Chris's shoulder"You can see him whenever you want..." Chris said stroking his back, as his
own shoulder became wet with tears"I don't wanna lose him, I love him..." C.J said and looked at the promise
ringAs they rolled him down the stairs C.J turned away, and they left"I need to go..." C.J said"Are you following the ambulance...?" Wyatt asked"No, I mean I have to get away I can't stay here anymore..." C.J said and
walked out of the houseChris was about to go after him, "Don't... He needs this time, he'll be
back when he feels like he can..." Johnny saidChris hugged him, "if it was you..." he cried"I know baby, I know, I love you so much." Johnny hugged him tightly2 weeks later"It's amazing he's held on this long, is these cases we usually see it as
some form of unfinished business, though it's not medical it's more
theoretical..." Dr. Bridges said to Evelyn"Two weeks without nourishment, I always knew my son was strong but I had
no idea how strong..." she saidC.J was sitting on a rock young russian hardcore on a beach, and was crying, "Don't do that, you
know how much I hate it when you do that..." Caleb's spirit said"Caleb, what are you doing here, are you...." C.J didn't finish"No, not yet, but I'm close, Cole, baby, I can't let you live like this,
your life with your brothers is far too schoolgirls young important for you to give it up
over me, our love was strong, but you can't give up on your brothers."
Caleb said"I can't imagine life without you..." C.J said"You know that was exactly the thought running through cumming younger sister my mind when I saw
you lying at the bottom of those stairs, since I met you, you have always
been the most important person in my life." He said to C.J"I really love you." C.J replied"And I you, but it's my time, I'm not meant to stay anymore, I love you."
Caleb said and faded awayEvelyn Danvers heard the clang of a ring hitting the floor; she picked it
up, and read the inscription "A promise young exhibitionist
for life, Cole."For the first time since she had found out about her son's situation she
cried, and young jpegs heard th machine in the room flat line, and cried harder..."Caleb Danvers, time of death 10:45 A.M." Dr. Bridges pronouncedC.J felt as though a part of him had died that morning, he walked all the
way home, not caring how far it was"He's been gone for weeks, should we go look for him?" Chris asked"Chances are he doesn't wanna be found." Wyatt said"I'm right here." C.J said and was hugged by his brothers"Oh how are you holding up?" Wyatt asked C.J"Awfully, I know he's dead, I can feel it, and it hurts, my heart is
broken, I don't wanna think about it right now." C.J said and sobbed into
Wyatt's shoulder"I'm so sorry, and I'm even sorrier because his mom said she was gonna come
over to drop something off." Chris said"Great maybe it's a knife through my heart like last time she was here"The doorbell rang, "Let's all go." Wyatt saidWhen young boy gay
they opened the door a ragged looking Evelyn was standing on the other
side"I know he loved you, and I'm sorry for treating you the way I did, may I
come in?" she asked, and they allowed her entrance"What do you need?" candid young teens
C.J asked, she could see in his eyes he already knew
and that made her sure of the connection between her son and this striking
man."I thought you might want this..." She said, and pulled Caleb's promise
ring out of her pocketC.J's eyes widened at the gesture, "I don't know what to say, except thank
you, and..." he hugged her, "I know what you're going through.""He was all I had left, treasure every moment you spend with your family,
it is so important." She said, and left"I can't believe her total 180..." C.J said, sighing, and went to bed."He's so torn up inside I can barely stand..." Chris nude young sex said to Wyatt"Really, what do you mean?" Wyatt asked"I mean, he regrets not having the baby, he regrets always telling Caleb he
wasn't ever gong to marry him, and he regrets all the thailand young sex times he made Caleb
sad, and it's all just dripping with grief and remorse, and such sadness, I
need to youngsex toplist redirect all of this, it's gonna weigh me down." Chris saidOver the next week, C.J barely ate, spoke, or even made eye contact with
anyone, the funeral was that day, and he was sitting in his black suit,
motionless, when Johnny walked in, "Hey buddy, you ready to go?" he asked"No, I don't wanna go..." C.J responded"Come on you need to... why not?" Johnny asked"Because if I go that means he really gone and never coming back..." C.J
said"Dude, that's true whether or not you go to the funeral, but I'm gonna tell
you, you need the closure." Johnny sIt was a private funeral, the three youngest girl fuck remaining covenant boys, Mrs. Danvers,
and the Halliwells. Their Grams performing the service from beyond the
graveAfter the service, they all stayed around, and Chris got young chinese overtaken by
emotions, and threw himself on the casket, screaming"HOW COULD tiny young sluts YOU LEAVE ME, HOW COULD YOU GO AND LEAVE ME HERE ALL ALONE, YOU
PLEASE, OH GOD PLEASE GIVE HIM BACK, I LOVE HIM OH GOD!!!!!!! petite young hardcore
YOU, AND I CAN'T GO ON, HOW COULD YOU?!?!?!" Chris screamed, yelled,
shrieked and sobbed, causing everyone to stare, Johnny went to him to
comfort him, while Hot young japanese C.J just stood still a young gay pictures non-moving."What the hell just happened?" Tyler asked"Apparently Chris was vocalizing what C.J is feeling..." Wyatt said"Oh..., why?" Reid asked"Well C.J has withdrawn himself from reality, but he can still feel, and he
is feeling so powerfully that it caused Chris to feel it, but it was too
much, so it all just came out..." Wyatt explained more thoroughly."So, he's tortured on the inside because of my son, the poor dear, if I had
known just how deep their connection ran, I never would have said the
things I said..." Caleb's mother stated"You had no way of knowing.... But they're gonna start burying Caleb soon,
so we should go..." Pogue said"Pogue could you get C.J? I need to go see how Chris is doing..." Wyatt
said"Yeah, no prob, we'll take him home." Pogue repliedWyatt walked to where Johnny was holding Chris, "Hey buddy, how are you?""I-I don't even know, it was like I was watching myself do that, it was
like C.J took control of me or something, I young children magazine know it was just emotions, his
heart is broken, he is so torn up inside, I don't know if he'll ever be the
same..." Chris said"We better get back to the house, I don't wanna see him buried..." Wyatt
said, Johnny and Chris agreeingWhen they arrived at the house, they all went to change, hardcore young tgp Chris went to go
check on C.J, he was simply laying in his bed fully clothed in his suit,
Pogue was talking to him..."C.J, you have to know, Caleb felt very strongly for you, and Horny young teacher he wouldn't
want you to act like this because of him, he'd want you to be your usual
self, he said in the event of his death, I was supposed to give you this,
so here it is." Chris heard and saw Pogue hand him and envelope"Hey, how's he doing?" Chris asked after Pogue exited the room"He's awful, he's totally comatose in there." Pogue explained"I'm gonna try with him." Chris said"Good luck." Johnny was walking up young teen shower as Chris went young nudes nudist into the roomChris walked into the room, "C.J, I know what you're going through right
now, when I lost Zeke, I didn't show it, but I was ripped apart from the
emotion, I loved him, I had to move on and be myself, and now I know the
reason he died was so Jocelyn could be born, I know you're probably sick of
hearing this like I was, but everything happens for a reason, you may not
have been destined to be with Caleb, but that doesn't mean you don't love
him, get angry, cry about it, but don't fight your emotions, cause you'll
be fighting a losing battle, I love you so much Ceej, and I'd hate to see
you waste your life angry and bitter about something you had no conrol
over." Chris said, and hugged C.J crying, he looked and saw the letter."I realize you are withdrawn but I know you can hear me, so I want you to
listen, I am gonna read you the letter." Chris opened the letter, "My
darling C.J, if you are reading this it means I have passed away, and if
this is the letter you received it was in your presence by a demon attack.
You must know now in your heart of hearts, you are not to blame, you were
my reason for waking up each morning, and sleeping at night knowing I'd be
holding you. You were young littlegirl the love of my life, and I am so sorry for the
sadness that you must feel, but I needed porn teen youngest one effort to help you, so I made
Pogue promise to give you this, I would have thrown myself in front of a
bullet for you, energy balls, fireballs, ou young comic tpg name it and I would have thrown
myself in front of it, if it meant you would be safe for another day, I
would young movie gratis
have fought beside you to the death, and I'm sure that's what
happened, and you cannot blame yourself, I want you to move on, I want you
to find love, and I want innocent young pussy you to remember the love we shared, and the life
we had together, remember it, but don't dwell on it, remember me Cole, I
will always be with you, I love you, good-bye, For all eternity, Caleb
Danvers." Chris read and began to cry, he saw C.J beginning to cry, and
hugged him, "he's right C.J, his death wasn't your fault, you loved him,
and we love you so come back to us."Chris felt a grip on his back that hadn't been there before so he looked
C.J in the eyes, "I just want him back so much, but if losing him means
that we'll be able raping young girls to continue to do all kinds of good, maybe I can move
on, it was just his time." C.J said, Caleb orbed in"What...?" Chris said still holding C.J"How is this happening... gratis young girls
what is this?!" C.J yelled"I don't know exactly, what I do know is that something you said made the
elders very happy and gave them faith that you could see me, and still be
able to move on, so here I am, for your last goodbye, the goodbye you never
got." Caleb explained"I'll give you two some time." Chris said and met Johnny in kristina young the hallwayC.J kissed Caleb and pulled him to the bed, "C.J what are you doing?""I'm saying goodbye the best way I know how, make love to me one last time
Caleb." C.J said"I'm young porn samples
not, I don't... I have no excuse." Caleb said and kissed C.J tenderly
yet forcefullyC.J kissed Caleb's rippling abs, and suckled his way to the one foot
monster, and sucked it expertly down his throat, pulling off and kissing
Caleb once more, who put them in a 69 position, sucking on C.J's 8 inch
cock, he reciprocated."I'm ready...." C.J said, and hot wet young Caleb looked into his eyes, he knew C.J
needed it"Ok." He said, and he got on top of C.J and lubed up a finger, placing it
inside of C.J with a slight hiss"More.." C.J commanded, first one more then two more, then he lubed up his
cock"I love nuded young girls you C.J." Caleb placed his well lubed cock at its target"I love you too." C.J said and pushed against the huge cockC.J felt a pleasurable splitting of his ass cheeks, and ground against
Caleb's thrust, Caleb gripping onto C.J's thighs pulled him hard against
the throbbing member as it hits C.J's prostate and rubs against it, C.J
cried out and blasts his cum on his own chest.Caleb licks his chest and continues to tenderly fuck C.J's ass hole"I'm close, what should 16 young nude
I do?" Caleb asked"I'm ready, give me a child." C.J said with love"I can't make any guarantees." young child pantyhose Caleb chuckled and sucked on C.J's neck"I know you want to, so just plant your seed, I love you and want to have
your baby." C.J saidHearing those words made Caleb so happy, he pulled out and shoved back in
and started to make love to C.J with determination tiny young lola to cum."Oh god! UH I love you!" Caleb yelped and shot a huge load into C.J and
rested against himC.J wrapped his arms around Caleb, "I love you too." They fell asleep
togetherCaleb awoke a few hours later as did C.J, "Baby, I have to go, they're
calling.""Will I ever see you again?" C.J asked"I want to, but, I don't know, so, I'm not going to say anything, except
goodbye." Caleb said and kissed C.J"Goodbye my love.." C.J sniffledCaleb orbed outC.J was surprised, he no longer felt sad, he just felt hopeful, would the
next day be better, he had no idea how, but now, he actually wanted to find
out.C.J walked down the stairs greeted by Johnny and the kids"Hey buddy you wanna join us, we're making Chris breakfast...?" Johnny
asked"Are we all eating it?" C.J asked"Yeah, but it's breakfast in bed for Chris." Johnny stated"What's the occasion?""Just me being the wonderful husband I am." Johnny smiled large and went
about making the breakfast.C.J watched as Johnny and his son maneuvered the kitchen, while Jocelyn
played on the floor."Ok, J.C can you carry this to mommy?""Uh-huh.." the little boy looked so happyWyatt walked into the kitchen holding the paper in his hand... "Ooh,
food... sweet.""Could I see the newspaper?" C.J asked"Sure..." Wyatt said and once C.J touched it he had a vision*A man running young kidsporn
through flames, falls through weakened floor boards and is
engulfed in flames*"What'd you see?" Wyatt asked"I saw a guy, around our age, he was in a building it was on fire,
he... died..." C.J said trying to maintain a calm demeanor"Well we need to do something, um, I'll make a potion, so we can withstand
flames, and we can track it, shouldn't be too hard." Wyatt said running up
to their atticC.J ran up the stairs to Johnny and Chris's room, "Hey guys I young nn girls hate to
interrupt but Chris we have a witchy type situation..." C.J said and waved
for him to follow"Coming..." C.J could hear some arguing probably from J.C, but he ignored
it and went up to the attic"Ok.. Here's the potions, we have one hour, we'll be impervious to flames
we need to find this guy..." Wyatt said, and they orbed to a location Wyatt
had found"This is it..." C.J said and they went inside the burning building, as they
were searching C.J had another vision, in this one he saw an unfamiliar boy
and another who looked strangely like his dear departed cousin, saving an
innocent, that looked like his innocent...After snapping out of his vision C.J saw the guy running, and then
everything seemed to go slow, C.J saw the floor boards beginning to weaken,
he jumped to the man levitating knocking him back as the floor boards
broke, "Wyatt! Chris!" he called and they orbed out"He's out..." C.J saidWyatt healed him just in case, he awoke, "the ghost!" was all he said"I beg your pardon?" Chris said"He's the one, he's starting the fires, he wants all people to suffer, to
suffer the way he did..." the man rambled"Who wants them to suffer?" C.J asked"The ghost, the ghost wants them, all of them to suffer, he knows they
burned him, they burned him intentionally burned him." He said"Can you tell us your name?""I'm Andrew, Andrew Woods, I, I know things, things about ghosts, he's
starting the fires...""Ok calm down, do you have a name for the ghost?" Chris asked"No...""Nobody can hurt you here..." Wyatt saidC.J just watched and was starting to feel uneasy"How do we know you didn't start the fire?!" C.J asked"Because why would I want to harm my brother, he's dead now thanks to this
ghost, maybe you should think of what it would do to you if you lost one of
your brothers." Andrew said, immediately changing his attitude"Ok, listen Andrew, we need you to tell us, who is this ghost, how can we
find him...??" Chris asked"He picks family friendly buildings, places where people will suffer,
places where he knows people who die will be missed, he's trying to
decimate the city, that's his ultimate goal." Andrew explained"I can't deal with this shit right now..." C.J said and walked out"And what exactly is this shit?" David asked Alex"You young junior schoolgirls know what I mean, we just save this amater young teens guy and now he's Cristine young handjobs
all like trying
to young butterfly porn tell us how to do what we do best, I don't think so, I won't let anyone
tell me how to do amsterdam youngest boys this job, not this one, after everything we've lost, I
think we know what we're doing..." Alex said exasperatedly"Look, I get it, I remember that young nudist tpg
day too, it just, we, I... we just can't
dwell on it, we still have each other..." David said"I just, this guy, he reminds me so much of him, and if he hadn't.. if
i... if he hadn't read that spell... they'd all still be here, I just, I
miss them so much..." Alex said"I miss them too, but they wouldn't want us to soil their memories with
weakness, they were strong, and we must be to honor them." David said and
hugged his surrogate brother"C.J what the hell was that, I realize you're upset, asian young incest
but treating an
innocent like that isn't acceptable, I thought when I chose you as the
third charmed one I was making the best possible choice, but what you just
did, was terrible, not to mention you had no basis." Chris vented"Oh, so when I make mistakes, it comes down to you choosing me, well, maybe
you chose wrong, hey maybe if you'd chosen the latter it'd be me that would
be dead now and you wouldn't have to worry about preserving the oh so
fragile feelings of a would be innocent.." C.J vented back"What's gotten into you?" Chris asked"Everything, I just lost the love of my life and I'm never getting him
back, and now I have to deal with so called innocents that are somewhat
suspicious..." C.J brazilian young nudes said"The last thing Caleb would want is for you to treat an innocent like a
guilty party, get your priorities straight, and then come back to us."
Chris said and walked back into the houseAlex sat in his bedroom and was thinking, of better younger tiy fuck times, this world, in
shambles, evil in control, magic having been exposed left them vulnerable,
and the innocents, many lost, this was not the life he once knew, he fell
asleep remembering better times&*We can do it if we do it together, come on guys, "In this night and in
this hour we call upon the ancient power bring forth the magical bounty we
seek justice is time candid young girls for us to wreak," The spell was worded badly and the
demons just kept coming, powers were useless against them Wyatt was the
first to have his heart impaled by a metal bar which exploded causing him
to turn to blood and ash, Piper was next she was hit with six consecutive
energy balls throwing her through the air and getting chopped up by the
exhaust fan in the warehouse, C.J did a backflip to avoid a fireball and a
demon stabbed him 13 times with an athame, Phoebe levitated to kick but her
leg was chopped off by a laser whip, same with the rest of her, Chris was
crushed like a bug by a possessed Piotr, Paige was dusted by a firestarter,
and the rest of the family was trapped into cages and burned young rompl
alive, only a
five year old Alex, being shielded by a nine year old David were able to
escape.... In Magic School David took to the difficult task of fatherhood,
at age nine he was raising a five year old, and Alex appreciated the
slightly older boy, over the years the cousin's bond grew stronger, though
David became overly protective of the fragile young boy. At age 15 Alex
came home from baseball practice, on this rare occasion he was allowed to
have a friend over, so he brought Jeff, a senior boy from the varsity
squad, and they decided to hang out in Alex's room, once there Jeff moved
in for a kiss, which Alex accepted willingly, Jeff began to kiss down
Alex's body, Alex was ok with this, but then Jeff began to get rough, "take
it easy Jeff" Jeff ripped Alex's shirt, "Jeff! Stop.." Jeff ignored this
and pulled off Alex's pants, "Jeff, I said NO!" as Jeff was undoing his
belt buckle he was grasped by the back of the neck and thrown into the
wall, "my boy here, said no..." and young girl peeing David began to beat the living hell out
of Jeff, if Alex hadn't screamed for him to stop he would have killed him&*A loud noise broke Alex from his slumber, he remembered the dream, his
family all dying, in such horrible ways, and his first experience gone
horribly wrong, he wanted to cry but forced himself to get up... He walked
through the dingy house to find his cousin, in the kitchen he found him,
the kitchen smelled of food and propane, not the shining beacon it once was
when his aunt Piper had been alive..."Um... David?" Alex said"Yeah buddy, what's up?" he asked"Would I, um... maybe be.. um.. could I go out tonight?""Who what where when and most importantly why...?" David askd"A friend, a movie, in town, because we want to..." Alex said hopefully"Nice try, try again, truth would be nice..." David young age porn said knowingly"Ok, it's a date..." Alex submitted"You know you're not allowed to date..." David said flatly"Yes I know, but please just one date..?" Alex saidDavid softened his face, "Ok with who?""John Storm..." Alex said truthfully"Um. I don't think so..." David said"Please...""No, I'm truly happy I've already told you you're not allowed to date cause
I mean it now more than ever, you deserve better... Are you still
nauseous?" David asked"Everyday, practically every hour, but who's counting..."Look I just don't want free youngest nudity
you going out with somebody who dumped you the
second they found out there was even a glimmer of a chance you could be
pregnant.." David said"You know, ever since his sister ran off with Doom, he just was never the
same again, you know how they say everyone has a rock, Sue was his rock,
now she's gone, and he's a closet case, and he naked young thumbs
hates the idea of settling
down, like it's a plague or something.." Alex said"Hey, everyone has their own ideas about stuff like that, but I don't think
you should be going out with an ex..." David said"Oh. You know... you're.... oh... .." Alex swayed, "I don't feel so
good...." He fell forward youngh tgp into David's arms, there was a flash of white
light"INCOMING!" Chris called out, and as soon as the ghost appeared he stabbed
himself"ashes to ashes"The ghost starts spewing fire every way possibleIn the flash of white light, the shambled house disappeared and a very
different, though very modern looking house appeared, but was gone as young chics xxx soon
as the eye could adjust..."spirit to spirit, take his soul, banish this evil..." Chris continued to
recite and free young twinks
the ghost disappeared into the night"What the hell was that?!" David yelled"I have no idea, but this free young cum
baby is gonna kick my ass..." Alex said"You don't even teens russian young know if you're pregnant..." David said"Yeah well, if I throwing up this much I better be..." Alex said fresh young teen jokingly"Did you see that binaries young girls spirit reciting that spell, it looked
like.... Nevermind..." David said"Chris?" Alex said"Yeah..." the both said"Whatever that was, we both must be crazy..." David said"I think I did that, I wanted things to be like they were, but then I
started puking, but we ended up... I wanna young nudes pre try something...""What do you mean you want to give up your charmed destiny??" Sandra asked
C.J"I can't be without Caleb, and I can't do the charmed thing anymore, I
wasn't the right choice, and I know I need to be with Caleb...""There are two options..." Sandra said"Ok..." C.J said"Well, either you relinquish your powers and become mortal Caleb clips his
wings and you two live as mortals, or you become a whitelighter, but you
would need your brothers to agree to say a spell, one which will strip you
of your inherited power as youngest teen sex
well as your charmed power, and replace them
with those of a whitelighter, and you'll never see your family again, the
choice is yours..." she finished handing him a slip young cute kids of paper and orbing
out.."Ok.. now that demon is taken care of let's just kick back and relax..."
Chris said, and C.J magic to magic's in..."Did you figure young cum boys
whatever you were figuring out?" Wyatt asked"Yeah, and I need you guys..." C.J said"Ok... what do you need?" Chris asked"I need for you to read this spell with me..." C.J said"Um.. what spell?" Wyatt asked"One that will make me a whitelighter..." C.J said"Why?" Chris asked"So I can be with the love of my life..." C.J said"You mean, if we read this spell, then you won't be a charmed one anymore?"
Wyatt asked"And I'll never be able to see you again..." C.J explained"Why would you want to do this, don't you care about what we're all about
anymore?" Chris asked"Honestly no, and I haven't for a while, I just can't bring myself to want
to do this anymore, it's not who I am anymore, I've changed..." C.J said"You're right, you have changed, I'll read the spell, just because I don't
want to know you anymore..." Chris said, C.J was torn up inside to hear his
`brother' speak those words, but he knew this was for the best"I can't believe we wasted there years on you, Coop was right about you,
I'll read the spell, hell I'll get your shit for you, and since you won't
need it any more..." Wyatt orbed all of C.J's belongings to the junkyard,
C.J was emotionally crippled at that moment"You guys..." C.J started"No, we don't want to hear you speak, not unless it's the spell..." Chris
saidC.J handed them slips of paper, and they all read in unison, "A wayward
witch in time and space, can no longer wear this witches face, remove his
powers, transform this charmed witch into a spiritual guide, from fighter,
to whitelighter, here us the power of three, from three to two."C.J rose into the air and white lights exited his body and floated up, and
bluish white lights flowed into his young teen voyeur body, he came down to the ground"I ju..." C.J started"Save it, without the charmed ones, we are no longer illegal young yo brothers." Chris said
and went upstairs followed by WyattC.J began to cry, but somehow wound up in a white heaven like location"C.J, how did you..." Caleb started and C.J kissed him"I gave it all up... for you... and our life together, I love you..." C.J
saidCaleb kissed him"Are you?" Caleb couldn't finish"God no, well lollita sex young
I guess technically, I don't know, it was a spell, and here I
am..."Whatever baby, I'm just glad you're young panties here..." Caleb saidTo Be Continued...Yeah... it was time for something new, but don't worry, you haven't heard
the last of C.J and Caleb...

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