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BBS: First Impression BBS
Date: 07-31-93 (08:29) Number: 13386
To: ALL preteen girls undergarments Recvd: NO
"Marine training" by KAS
It was almost 4pm and I was as nervous
as hell. I had meet Dan at Hula's the night before and it was only once
we got talking that I found out that
he was a military man. I had confessed to my military fantasies and a day
later one was about to become reality.
There was a knock on the hotel
door and I almost leapt german preteen pussy
out of my jockstrap. Nervously I opened the
door and there he stood : a knight in
shining armour with a twist; he was a staff sergeant, not a knight, and
instead of armour he was wearing dress
uniform. What surprised me was that even after working and
travelling in the Hawaiian sun his
uniform was crisp and clean. Trying to keep my tongue from panting I
waited for him to speak.
To my surprise bella models preteen he ignored me and
greeted my travelling companion! "What the fuck is going on here?", I
thought to myself. Luckily before I
could ruin everything by demanding an explanation he turned to me and
said "You, private, get your kit and
wait outside". preteen boy jerk Silently I walked past him and reached for my bag, mistake
number one! "Private, what the fuck
do you think your doing?" he thundered after having preteen hard bbs tripped babes preteen innocent me up and
using his boot on my neck to keep my
face in the ass preteen porn
carpet, "getting my bag as ordered" I gasped, adding "sir"
after a seconds pause. I was then was
given my first lesson on military preteen lesbian photo
manners; standing at attention (or as I
was told hard preteen video a pathetic attempt at it) I
was informed that a private had to remember three things:
* Origin: big tedd's #1, melbourne, oz +61 3 417 man fucking preteen
2440 preteen sex panties
BBS: First Impression BBS
Date: 07-31-93 (08:34) latin preteens nude Number: 13387
To: ALL thai preteen model Recvd: NO
1) All utterances from the private were to be prefixed and sufficed with the
word "Sir",
2) The private was preteen sodomized only to speak when
either given permission to do so, or in preteen underwear boys response to the
Sergeant's question.
3) At all times the private was to do
what the Sergeant said, without pause and without question.
Having replied "Sir, Yes, Sir!" to the
sergeant's question of had I naked preteens rusian
understood the rules, I was allowed to collect
my bag and left the room. Once outside
I collected my thoughts and realised that I was both shaking with fear
and as horny as hell. Dan stepped
into preteens porn illegal
the corridor. As ordered I was standing fucking preteen stories "easy" unfortunately he was
just in time to see me easing my
trapped hard on. Glaring at me he told me to follow him, once in the car I
told that having touched my dick
without permission was going to cost. "Cost?", I thought, "what kind of
punishment had he in mind".
I thought we were driving back to his
flat which was opposite the army base but I was wrong! As we pulled
into the army base, he heard my gasp
of surprise and informed me that there was no way a private could be
allowed to bbs preteen amateur have such long hair and
that I was about to have a military haircut at the military barber! My hair
was not exactly long but my hard on
leapt to attention at the thought of having a haircut on base.
Nervously I got out of the car,
the only male civilian in sight. We walked over to the barber where I
"took a number". "43" was the number
printed on the preteen dressless models
ticket, and the room was crowded with men in army
fatigues. The air was full of tension,
some of these guys preteen vagina images
had been waiting for over an hour and most of the
younger ones resented having to get
their preteen adorable hair cut. The air was full of the scent of masculine aggression, and I
found myself reacting to it; when one
of the guys gave me the "what the fuck are you doing here look" I looked
back in a manner which said "Go fuck
yourself". It must have been the right thing to do as he smiled and
looked away. Realising that I had at
least a sixty minute wait, I left the crowded room to stand in the fresh air
and look horny sex preteen
over the base.
(sorry about the identing! Well thats the first part of my fantasy come true,
does anyone want to read the rest??? Say hello and I'll post the rest, or at
least the next page!>
* Origin: big tedd's #1, melbourne, oz +61 3 417 2440 (3:634/381)
BBS: First Impression BBS
Date: 08-13-93 (13:13) Number: 20727
From: CHIPMONK nudist preteens girl
real shocking preteen Refer#: NONE
Dan was preteen nude ukranian chatting with friends, but excused himself when he saw me standing on
my own.
Taking me out of the earshot of others he told me that if anyone asked I was
to say that preteen and porno I was
Australian army, as it was common for Aussie soldiers to be stationed here,
off and on. I was
also informed that the sergeant was not a "hard arse" and to prove it I could
have a choice as
to which haircut I was to have. Some choice! Either the marine "high and
tight" or an preteen underage thai army
"flat top". Either way preteen hardcore search
the sides would best preteen blogs
be shaved, the only difference being
that the flat top
would be done with a #4 (leaving it about ˝" long)while the "high and tight"
would be done
with a #2 (about ź" long). I opted for the "high and tight" thinking that if
I was going little nude preteens
to go
through with it I was going to go the whole way. The sixty minutes wait
became ninety before
it was my turn, a hell of a long time to think about what preteenz nymphets
was going to
happed... "How would
work cope with the extreme haircut", I thought, preteen actress photos " Hell, stuff work, how would
my lover
cope?".We had an open relationship and no secrets between us, but a military
Then it was my turn... I took the chair and asked for a "high and tight" then
added, as I had
been instructed to, "very high and very tight". The Chinese lady said free preteen blowjobs "O.K"
and got to work
Getting my haircut felt great, the buzz of the clippers vibrated through my
head as the hair
fell about my shoulders, the only letdown was that the person doing the
haircut was not a
soldier but that is the difference between fantasy and reality .. reality is
full of small
disappointments. lists preteen jpg
Five minutes later I climbed out of the chair preteen spandex models and paid up
the preteen shitting pic
$4.50. Getting
back to the car I bikini nymphets preteen took a long tiny panties preteens look in the side mirror and looking back at schoolgirl preteen pics me
was a freshly
shorn marine with a grin which stretched from ear to ear. At that moment a
gust of wind
caressed my head and an undescribable wash of pleasure rippled through my
scalp - now I
knew at least one loitas preteen sex
of the reasons for the "high and tight"; it felt good!
It was only a short drive from the base to Dan's apartment and I spend most
of that time
playing with my head, just the feel of the short stubble made me horny!
The walk up to his apartment was the longest preteen bath nude walk preteen teacher rape of my life ... preteen pics blog what had I
let myself in for?
Dan was right behind me and had said nothing from the time preteen models newstar we left the base,
he opened the
door and gestured for me to enter. Not knowing what was expected of me I
stood "at ease"
and waited. Ignoring me he sat down and started going through swimsuit preteen pics his mail. Five
passed before I was "noticed"; illegal sexy preteens
he pointed to the uniform laid out on the
couch and asked me
if I thought I was worthy of it. preteen flashgames
I longingly looked at the preteen images tgp kharki shirt and
the dark green trousers
which with the kharki garrison cap, made up a marine's Class A modified. "Too
fucking right,
I'm worthy"" I thought to me myself, but to him I said " Sir, I believe so,
Sir".. The nude preteen bikinis response
must have been good enough for I was told to strip down to my jockstrap and
was then
instructed on preteen pantyhose porno the correct way to wear the uniform.
Dan sent me into the bedroom to see what I looked like. Staring back from the
mirror was a
marine rookie, eager and willing to do what ever the sergeant asked of videos fuck preteen him.
My daydream
was broken by the sergeant's demand for a drink, which I fetched for him then
stood waiting
for whatever was to follow. Again I was ignored for a pre teen anatomy
minute or so, then he
looked me over,
smiled at my obvious hard on, then ordered me to preteen nude modele remove his shoes and socks.
As I sunk to
my knees he added the restriction that at no time were my trousers to touch
the ground.
Luckily I was able to adjust me posture so that preteenz preteens bbs I was able to do pictures erotic preteens
as ordered,
narrowly avoiding
my first punishment. At this stage I had no idea what the punishment would be
all I knew was
that every time my preteen panties
I "fucked up" horny cute preteens there would be a penalty attached. preteen age model I was sent
off to very preteens pictures clean his
shoes, when I returned to present them for his approval I manila preteen locator
stumbled and
dropped one of them,
he was not impressed! "Assume the position", he barked. "What position?" I
thought and then
had to confess "Sir,the private is unsure of what to do", Shit! I fucked up
again! All utterances
by myself had preteen euro links to start illeagle preteen photos and finish with sir, I hoped that he had not noticed
but the evil grin
which spread across his face told me that he certainly had noticed!.
"Assuming the position", I soon found out, meant bending over the couch with
legs splayed,
head up and arse exposed, very exposed. The punishment was ten lashes with
belt a 3" wide white webbing litle models preteen belt with brass fittings. I had to count the
strokes and on the
eighth stroke the brass end piece bit into my arse causing me to forgot to
prefix the count
with "Sir" so the count
* Origin: big tedd's #1, melbourne, oz +61 3 417 2440 (3:634/381)
BBS: First Impression BBS
Date: 08-13-93 (13:18) very young preteenz preteen cutie dolls
Number: 20728
To: CHIPMONK lolotas preteen models illegal russian preteens
Recvd: NO
Subj: MARINE TRAINING - FINAL preteens candid photos Conf: (103) FANTASY
By the time I got to "Sir, ten,Sir", his arm must have been aching, for even
through the heavy
cotton trousers I could feel the welts rising. My arse was not virgin
territory when it came to
being hit, but 18 full swings of a marine's belt when swung by an
enthusiastic D.I. was not
easy preteens post
to take. "Sir, Thank you, Sir" I managed to gasp ukrainian models preteens
when told to stand up.
In disciplining me, the sergeant had raised a sweat so fc2 preteen model
I had to get him out
of his dress
uniform before it stained. I carefully preteen clothes pics removed and folded his clothes. After
checking that his
uniform had been neatly stored away Dan lounged back on the couch turned on
the T.V and
started to watch a grid iron match. For a moment I though that the scene was
over and the
disappointment must have shown on my face as Dan looked up grinned at me and
said "O.K.
Private get out of that uniform and show me what your good for". Now getting
out of my
clothes preteens videos
in a hurry is something I'm well practiced at, making sure that my
trouser do not
touch the floor is not seduced pre teen
something I usually worry about. Dan coughed then
sighed when I let
the trousers just fall to the ground. preteen supermodel videos I froze and a strange sight I must have
been ; standing in
a jockstrap with a look of total panic on my preteen funlumpkins portal face. Twenty lashes later I
stood at attention
shaking with the florida preteen model pain. "Fuck you cunt" I thought to myself "there is no way
you yuong sweet preteens
are going to
make me quit!". My thoughts must shaven preteens have been transparent to Dan as he walked
up eyeball to
eyeball with busty preteen model
me and said quietly "Try it, if you think you can win". This
caused me to shake
even more not in anger but in worry. I knew that he knew that I had over 5
years nymphets preteen naked of Karate
training under my belt yet he still felt confident that if I made a move he
could take me out!
He asked me what I had been thinking so I told nude preteen top100 him, exactly as I preteen baby nudist
had thought
it but with a "Sir
before and afterwards. My reward was a lightening fast stomach punch, to his
surprise I took
the punch with only a small grunt. It hurt alright but I was too damn proud
to let him know it.
For my efforts I was made to perform 20 "8 bikini preteen girls count"pushups then had to crawl on
my belly
over to him. My head was at his feet and I tentatively licked his toes. In a
flash I found preteens bbs photos his
foot on the back of my neck driving my face into the carpet and making
breathing very
difficult. Pinned in this position I received 10 xxx videos preteens
well placed slaps across
my arse preteen and 14yo which by now
must have been a red welt covered mess. The pain was different from the belt
it stung more
and I could not cope with it as well, but I was in no position to protest,
hell I could hardly
Grabbing my head Dan forced it into his sweaty crotch, I was tempted to lick
his sweat
soaked jockstrap but my aching arse was telling me that to do so would be
dumb, painfully
dumb! But god the temptation, I was gasping for breath and my nostrils were
full of what the
jerk-off books refer to as "his musky man scent", until now I had never
understood what they
were on about and the smell, and the closeness of his cock to perfect preteen model my more than
eager mouth,
the burning of my arse and his firm hand on the back of my illegal preteens gallery shaved head was
sending me
close to trigger point. If did not do something soon I was going to attack
his crotch and to hell
with the consequences. My body was writhing with intent, and I could tell he
was enjoying
it;his cock was slowly rising, pushing against the fabric and only
millimetres away from my
mouth. preteen bbs password I preteen modal portal was still panting for breath but made damn sure my tongue did not
He pulled my head out of his crotch and held me tightly by the throat as he
released his
cock. As it sprung into view he laughed at me and asked if the private was
eager for a taste. "
Sir, Yes,Sir" preteen in linger I gurgled".
Well from there on in it got pretty hot and preteen sucking dog
sweaty and the sex was great but
the young preteen underage fantasy was the lead up to the actual fuck sexy cute preteen so this is where the story
Since meeting Dan in '91, I have been back to see him this year and preteen free model
we had a lot of non-sexual fun we never managed to recreate that preteen inna
magic bond
between preteen nudist pictuers sargent and private BUT nude turkish preteen I did meet an ex-marine medic in Chicago...
want me to write that one up
* Origin: big tedd's #1, melbourne, oz +61 3 417 2440 (3:634/381)

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