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From: smoothslave
Subject: Making of a Raunch Pig chapter 15The Making of a small amatuer russian
Raunch Pig
by: smoothslaveatt.netThis story is true and depicts acts of a homosexual nature.
If you are underage or offended by this type of behavior,
please do not read any further.A special thank you to all who have sent pig emails concerning
the story. They are greatly appreciated and most welcome. If you
wish for pig to continue, please send and email...Chapter 15** Birthday at the Camp Grounds **SIR had told pig that he had a special birthday planned for it this year.
pig was excited to hear this since the many birthdays before it had spent
serving SIR his dinner, sucking on his cock, drinking his piss, eating from
his ass and spending the night fucking itself with various objects while SIR
watched and ordered it about. Not that this wasn't enough for pig, it really
did enjoy pleasing him. But to hear that a special surprise was planned for
its' birthday... Well.. that was great news..pig thought about it for nudist russian inocent the entire week.. What could SIR have planned?
Maybe a dinner out at a nice restaurant. No.. he wouldn't think that was so
special... A surprise party with a birthday cake!! Well, maybe but most
likely not his thing either. Hmmm.. russian free porno sites
unsure what he would plan. hot russian wemon
Never could
really tell what he had in mind.. This russian mom pussy
week was going to take forever to get
through with the thoughts running through pigs head...The nude russians free personals days passed slowly as predicted and pig waited with anxiety for Friday
night. pig noticed that SIR even russian nudist private sites treated pig russian blow job differently this week. He didn't
use it as hard.. A few blow jobs, a few fucks in pigs cunt.. Nothing abusive
or humiliating. He must be finally accepting pig as his lover and not as an
object. Oh this is great... pig was becoming more than just an object to him..
This weekend was going to be great. A birthday cake and party and maybe
even a gift from SIR. pig was so excited thinking of russian boys video
all the wonderful things
that would take place this weekend. A birthday to remember..Friday afternoon, pig was finishing up at work when it received a phone call
from SIR."Hello pig.."
"Hello SIR""Almost through for the day there pig russian lady for marriage
"Yes SIR""Good.. I have russian bare naturism our stuff almost packed up for the weekend.."
"we are going away SIR?""Yes.. but there is one thing I forgot to get.. So I need you to stop off at the
store and pick it up.."
"yes SIR.. what should it purchase SIR""Birthday candles.. a box of birthday candles.."
"oh great SIR.. ok SIR will pick them up SIR..."YES !!!! a cake... a real gothic russian girls
birthday cake with candles !! and a trip somewhere porn russian family
WOOOOO HOOOOO !!!pig doesn't even remember driving to the store and buying the candles..
The ride home was filled with great emotion.. pig felt like crying with joy..
SIR and pig were going to have a great time this weekend.. free trailer sex russian He was going
all out and treating his slave like a real person. All planned out in advance..pig entered SIR's home and removed its' clothing. Neatly folded and placed
on the chair in the hallway. It reached into the duffle bag under the chair
and began putting on its' at-home attire. The dog collar clamped around its'
neck, clamps on its' tits, stretcher on its' balls, the final touch was the plug
pushed firmly up into its' cunt. pig got on its' knees and crawled into the living
room where SIR was always seated waiting for it after work. pig made its'
way to SIR and licked his bare feet, worked its' way up his hairy legs and in
between his legs. it nestled its' head into his pubic hair and licked back down
to his semi-hard cock. pig gave his cock a few licks and took the shaft into
its' mouth. A few pumps in and russian amature out and then left his hard cock lay on its' face
as it began to bathe his hairy nut sack with its' tongue. SIR ran his fingers
through pigs hair as it performed its' nightly ritual on SIRs body. His cock
growing harder by the second until he shot his warm creamy load into pigs
mouth and watched russian xxx free preview
as amateur russian girlscuties russian pig swallowed and licked its' lips clean."Welcome home pig.."
"thank you SIR.. what would SIR like for dinner tonight?""Oh nothing pig.. tonight we leave for our adventure.. Did you get the
"yes SIR have the candles SIR.""Good.. then get up and go to the bedroom.. I have your outfit picked out
for tonights trip. The rest of the stuff we will need is already packed.
Now go and get ready cause bikini modles 12 russian we have to leave in a few minutes."
"thank you russian gay orgy
SIR.."pig ran up the stairs taking two steps at a time, down the long hallway and
busted into the bedroom. There laying on the bed was pigs outfit just as
SIR had said but not exactly what pig was thinking it would be. A black
jock strap, ball gag, dog leash, and black lace up boots. That was the outfit
for pigs birthday surprise? Hmmm SIR was surely not taking pig out to a
restaurant dressed like that. Where were we going and what did he have
planned? pigs russian 17 sex gallery thoughts ran wildly russian sexpics through its' head as it put on the outfit.
Not even a shirt to cover up its' pierced tits, nothing to cover its' ass cheeks
or hole, the black rubber plug visible through the large opening in the jock.
it slipped its' bare feet into the boots, laced them tight and went back
downstairs to show SIR.Once down the steps pig crawled to SIRs side and handed SIR the end
of the best free russian porn dog leash which was already attached to pigs dog collar. He looked
pig over from head to toe, smiled and patted its' head."You look so nice all dressed up... Now wait here until I am ready."
pig tried to respond but only a muffled sound of "yes SIR" could be
heard through the ball gag in its' mouth.A few minutes russian sex mafia later SIR was ready to go, he was dressed in faded russian school porno blue jean
shorts, a t-shirt, and hardcore russian women sandals. He walked over and checked pigs ball gag,
grabbed the leash and walked it out of the house and into the garage."See the car is all packed up."pig looked through the open door and saw a large bag on the passenger
seat, boxes on the back seat, a few paper shopping bags russian schoolgirls pics
with food items
and a long duffle bag."Look at that pig there is no room in there for you russian amateur movies at all.."pig looked up at SIR, almost tears in its' eyes. spooky russian girls Was this a joke? Was SIR
going somewhere and leaving it to stay home alone?"Don't worry piggy.. There is room for you... Just not where you are used
to riding.. But look at you dressed like that.. Do you really think I want to
be free pics russian schoolgirls
seen in public with you all slutted up like that ?.. "He made his way to the back of the car and opened the trunk."Look at all free russian pre lollita
the room in here !!.. Get in pig !!"pig looked up at SIR as he adjusted its' legs and closed the trunk. The
darkness was over whelming and the ride bumpy, tossing pig around in the
trunk with each bounce and turn. underground illegal russian porn
pig could tell when he turned onto the
interstate, the car was tipped back a bit going up the on ramp and then the
ride became more russian porn youtube
smooth and comfortable with the pavement.Halfway through the ride, SIR stopped the car and let pig out to walk around
and relieve itself at the rest stop. pig cowered in the darkness of the trees
and picnic benches, afraid someone would see. But the rest stop russian top sex was russians tpg dead
and quiet. As it lifted its' leg to piss against the tree, it looked up at SIR. He
stood a few feet away with pigs jock strap in hand and smiled as his top russian naked girls
pig russian bbw
a quick piss. It lowered its' leg and began to make it's way back to SIR when
the scowl ran across his face."Forget something pig?"pig quickly returned to the wet spot on the side of the tree and sniffed at its'
piss spot. Then turned and looked back at SIR."Good pig.. pigs and dogs always sniff their scent..remember that pig.. Now
if you are finished, back into the trunk.."Back russian school girl sex into the darkness of the trunk, pig lay there and wondered where SIR
was taking it for its' birthday weekend. But it could not think of anything that
seemed to fit... So instead of making itself crazy wondering it just lay there
quiet girls russian and closed its' eyes.. The motion of the ride rocking it to sleep.. Unsure
of how much time had passed when it awoke to the car going over a bumpy
road. It tossed pig around in the trunk and then came to a sudden stop
knocking pig into the back of the rear seats. pig could hear SIR exit the
car, the sound of his shoes on gravel and he made his way away from the
car. A few minutes later, the trunk opened and SIR and a man looked in
on pig."well what have we here.. hello there..."
pig looked up at the two men lotita russian very and nodded..."looks like you are nice and comfortable in there.. This man says that
you are of free will, is that correct?"
pig nodded yes"good.. Ummm.. I need to remove the ball gag and he needs to speak to
me.. I just need to be sure of things before letting you in.." The man
looked over at SIR "you will need to step away from t he car as well."Once SIR had disappeared from view, the man undid the ball gag and
repeated his questions. He wanted to make sure that pig was there of
free will, was not being kidnapped, was not in trouble.... Once satisfied
that pig free russian fotos was ok in the predicament it was in he had it sign a sheet of paper
with rules and regulations and handed SIR two laminated passes. SIR
closed the trunk and we moved only a kids xxx russian short distance before SIR let pig
out of the car once again.pig took in the surroundings as it stretched its' legs and worked out the
muscles in its' back and neck. It at first looked like a dark forest, but once
pigs eyes russian vids
adjusted russian smut films to the light, it could see a few campers, tents, small
wooden buildings and dirt paths that xxx russian porn led off into the woods."We are at the campground that I had talked about a few times in the russian lesbians pron
Happy Birthday piggy.. This is your surprise..."
pig nodded to SIRThe rest of the night was spent setting up the tent that SIR had packed
and setting up the camp site. pig had never been camping before so took
in what SIR russian illegal torrent was saying and paid great attention to how things were done
correctly.. Thankful for the fact that is was dark and many of the people
at the camp were in their tents or campers. Only a few people strolled by
as we setup and they were either barely dressed or nude so pigs outfit
didn't make it as uncomfortable as it had thought it would. That night pig
and SIR slept Gay russians in the large tent. pig nestled in by SIRs feet and licked the
soles and sucked his toes free russian lesbian porn
as he fell asleep for the night.In the morning, pig was led around the campground by SIR on its' leash.
It was allowed to walk since there were so many rocks and bumpy gravel.
He seemed to take in great pride from the russian boyart stares of the ilegal russian girls
men that took in
pigs outfit russian girl ed and predicament. We walked up a step hill and came to a
built in swimming pool and sun bathing area. Nude men lay all over the
place and swam in the pool. pig was led in and stripped of its' jock, ball
gag and boots then told to lay on the lounge chair in the sun and spread
its' legs. The plug could be seen by all sitting around the pool. They stared
at pig and talked free russian voyeur sites to each other, passing glances back and forth. pig would
have been more humiliated, but since there were so many fun russian boys nude men, russian girl showering and
a few other subs in the same situation it didn't bother pig very much. It just
lay there and relaxed in russian ilegal porn the sun.As the day progressed, pig watched as SIR made his way around the pool
area, every now and then pointing in pigs direction. A few men nude russian boy photography
nodded at
pig as he this but it was unsure why. Maybe just to acknowledge that it was
there tiny russian pussy
or maybe something else.After making the rounds of the pool area SIR returned to his sub bathing
pig."Glad to see you relaxing. russian litle nude Are you having fun laying in the sun.. Letting the
other watch you.. Letting them know that you are nothing but a sub.."
"yes SIR.. it really is nice here.. so many men and it seems really nice""Good to hear that... roll onto your back.. let them get a good look at your
plugged up cunt piggy."
"yes SIR".. it rolled over on its' stomach.. the sweat on its' back now
glistening in the sun."Ah yes.. I can see the plug peeking out between your cheeks.. pull your
knees up and stick your ass out.. Let them get a good look.."pig did as told.. the plug russian girl suck cock now clearly visible.. stretching its' ass lips around
the rubber.. whistles and cat calls from some of the men age under russian schoolgirl as pig displayed
itself for all to view."Yeah good piggy stay like that for awhile.. Let them see what a slut fag
your are. Letting them know how you like your cunt stretched out. All
fucking used and open... Just begging to russian beaches getting fucked
be fucked and used.."The rest of the day went pretty much like that. Pig posed in various positions
for all to view. Sometimes on its' back with knees bent and pulled up to its'
chest, legs spread and held far apart. Sometimes on its' stomach pics of russian anal displaying
its' submissive come and russian cuties incest
fuck me side. SIR making his way around the area
and letting them know it was his pig, his faggot, his plaything...When the sun began to set, SIR and pig left the area and headed back down
the trail to the camp area. SIR decided that pig should relieve itself in the
trees, so porn russian 100 he pushed russian rape video it to the ground on its' knees and has it sniff around to
find the perfect spot. It raised its' leg near a tree trunk and let go with a rapid
flow of piss, wetting the bark with its' urine. As others passed, SIR would
comment on how his dog needed to piss. pig finished and sniffed at the wet
area on the tree as SIR and some of the others watched. Some looked russian girl naturists at
pig with delight and excitement as they saw how it was trained. Others turned
there head in disgust when pig made eye contact."Time to get back to our site piggy.. Let's go... You stay on all fours..."The rocks and gravel dug into pigs hands and knees as it hurried along side
SIR. Some men yelled out to pre russian nudism look at the fag on a leash.. Some made whistle
sounds as if calling a dog and others laughed as we made our way by their
camps.. When we reached our site, SIR attached the leash to a tree and
told pig to sit and wait. He setup a fire and worked russian naked nudist kids
about the site girl russian swinger getting
it ready for pigs birthday. pig saw him pull out a sketch pad and write on
the paper in red marker. The sign read "happy birthday pig" and he hung
it on the tree above pigs head. He reached into the duffel bag and pulled
out dildos and plugs of various lengths and sizes, lengths of rope, and a tube
of ben gay rubbing lotion. freeporn russian
All of the items were set out in front of pig on
a blanket."Now piggy.. since it is your birthday and since you are such a fag pig, I
thought it would be a great idea to let these men see you and have fun with
you on your special day. Strangers seeing how you like to be treated and
used.. Strangers using you like the pig you are.."He walked over to the tree and posted another sign.. It read "pig needs
to be used." with an arrow pointing down at pigs head."Now to get things going, remove the plug and start fucking your cunt with
the dildos. old russian men nude Let them see what a piece of trash you really are.."pig did as told and removed the plug from its' hole. it grabbed a dildo and
lay on its' back.. With legs bent and spread it reached around and began
fucking its' cunt russian girlls nudist
hole. long deep strokes in and out, moans escaping from
its' lips with each thrust. men stopping and watching it abuse itself."That's right pig.. show them how we clean our toys.."pig removed the dildo and sucked it clean from its' ass juices. reaching
around and grabbing another dildo to ram into itself. Now plugged at both
ends. One dildo ramming into its' mouth the other into its' cunt. Then
switching the dildos and repeating the process. Using its' mouth to taste
its' cunt.. Using its' hand sweet russian 16 naturist to ram into its' hole..The group growing larger as they watched its' performance. Until two men
approached SIR and he gave permission to use his pig. They flipped it onto
its' back.. One man pushing his short down to his knees and planting his
asshole on pigs mouth, holding its' legs up for the other man who began
pumping his cock in and out of pigs cunt. He came in pigs hole and they
switched positions.. pig eating the others hairy opening while his buddy
rammed his thick cock in and out.. depositing his sperm deep within pig
belly. They stood and left pig lay there as another man approached.He ordered pig onto its' knees and began ramming a thick dildo russian 13 twinks deep into
its' cunt. pulling all the way out and then ramming it deep inside.. pig
moaning out loud with each push into its' opening. russian nude blondes
Another man came to
the front of pig and began fucking its' mouth with his long thin cock. Forcing
it deep down pigs throat and pulling on its' hair russian girl illegal forcing it deep and hard with
quick thrusts from his thin hips. He shuddered and russian amateur sex ru plunged his cock deep
down pigs throat holding it in place.. His russian blowjob tgp sperm hitting the back of pigs
throat and sliding down into its' stomach.. The man behind pig now
forcing a second dildo into its' cunt. The two dildos sliding in and stretching
pigs opening.. The man in front slightly pulling out and letting go with a
torrent of fucked russian girls piss in russian non nude
pigs mouth. Warm and bitter as it rolled over pigs tongue.
Pulling out when finished to be replaced by the man from behind. He
scooted in front and began pumping his cock in and out of pigs mouth..
The two dildo hanging from pigs cunt, swaying with the pumping of its'
body.. Another load of cum deposited into pigs mouth followed by him
pissing on pigs face art russian nude galleries and head, the stream arching into its' hair and down its'
back running over the dildos and down its' legs.SIR approaching pig and tying the rope around its' knees and then to its'
arms. Leaving it on its' knees in a vulnerable position. Locked in place
as man after man, fucked its' cunt with their cocks, dildos and msn russian webpage plugs.
Ramming them in and out of its' hole.. Stretching its' cunt open and
making it beg for more when it was empty. The wind cold on its' body
as russian porn thumbnails the piss and cum ran out of its' cunt and dripped down its' legs. pig
flipped onto its' back and fucked with fingers.. probing into its' body,
feeling the tender tissue deep inside. Hard cocks forcing there way into
its' mouth... Hairy rank assholes getting rubbed all over pigs face and eaten
out by its' tongue.. Smooth shaved holes that hovered above pigs face and
begged to be russian soft porn
licked and deeply explored by its' tongue.Each man taking their turn.. Each man using pig in their own way. Some
never approached the scene but watched from a distance, others jumping
right in and getting some of the action. Old men, young men, fat and thin..
All taking their illegal russian sex gallery turns one way or another. pig laying on the ground, wet
with piss and cum, lips numb from sucking so many cocks and eating
out so many asshole, cunt lips swollen and sore from being stretched and
abused.."Happy Birthday pig...get on your back.. time for your candles..."SIR lit one of the birthday candles and pushed it into pig piss slit.. The hot
wax working its way down and russian girl poo poo dripping over its' cock and balls. underground russian tgp Stinging
pigs genitals with their heat then crusting up to a hard drip of colored wax..
He repeated it several times.. Some wax dripped on pigs cock, some on its'
balls, some dripped down its' stomach and into its' belly button, pig tits
covered in hot was busty russian babes that ran into its' armpits...pig moaning and tears running
down its' eyes as the hot substance made a fiery burn then cooled to a
stiffness."Yeah pig.. you look nice all decorated up for your birthday.. We need
some sugar for the cake..."SIR reached into the duffle bag sexy russian ladies and pulled out a russian boys bodybuilding pictures long black dildo russian butt fucking
a handle and a bag of sugar. He wet the dildo with beer and poured sugar
all over the dildo. The white crystals instantly adhering to the dildo and
making it sparkle with sugar in the fire light. With pig still laying on its' back
he began ramming the dildo in and out of pigs abused cunt. The roughness
of the sugar digging in and tearing at the flesh, like sandpaper on a piece
of wood... Over and over wetting the dildo and russian ladies online
coating it with sugar,
ramming it in and out, twisting the handle to make sure it reached every
piece of flesh deep within pigs cunt. pig moaning from the pleasure...
feeling like it was receiving the fuck of its' life.. holding its' eyes tightly
shut, feeling every movement of the dildo.. 12 inches sliding in and out..
every inch felt with the crystals russian girl shit
rubbing it inside... feeling like it was being
fucked and used for the very first time in its' life....Its' cock now throbbing
and growing hard... spitting its' cum into the burnt out candle in its' piss
slit, the cum running up the sides of the candle and over the wax on its'
balls.. SIR ramming the dildo in fully then straddling pigs face having it
eat out his asshole, lick his sweaty balls, and suck his cock until he
pulled out and shot lollitas russian porn girl
his load all over pigs face. The cum running into its'
nose and pooling up in the russian twink nude pic crevice of russian illegal porn its' eyes.. burning and blurring its'
vision.That night pig was washed in the showers by SIR and allowed to
sleep next to him as he held it tight in his arms. This was a birthday that
pig nude ilegal russian would always remember..Should pig sexy girls russian continue with the story...??
Please send any russian christian singles comments to

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