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Subject: Lucky Thirteen (B/B [teens], gay, oral, anal, ws, scat)Lucky Thirteen (B/B [teens], gay, oral, porn girls 12 yo anal, ws, scat)
by CopromanFrom as far back as I can remember, my mother used to take me with her,
always at the beginning of August, to free mp4 hd porn ls magazine 1
visit my grandmother in North
Carolina. As a New York City boy from Harlem, I loved having the chance to
be a barefooted farm boy for a month, and minutes after my grandfather would
drive into the yard, after picking us up from the train station, I would
kick off my shoes, take off my shirt and 5 minute porn movies become a black cirque de freak book1
"Bubba" for thirty
days.But by the time I was sixteen, I didn't 15 yo nudism want to accompany my mother down
south anymore, since I was craving my independence. I 12yo boy sex
was also, however,
beginning to understand and accept certain aspects of my own sexuality, and
over the past couple of summers I had begun to obsess about Jim, my first
cousin, who had lived with my grandparents ever since his parents had
divorced a few years earlier and his mother had moved in with them. At that
time I had windows 7 crack
seen him as nothing more than 0870 gay chat my snotty little cousin who was
always under foot. But when I saw him last year, he was, at only twelve
years old, a light-skinned exiled destiny xxxholic ep10
little fox, 14yo pics with hazel eyes set in an almost
girlish 21st centuary sex face. On top of that, he 3365 accordion straps
had inherited his mom's bubble butt, which
turned me on so much that whenever I ran into him, I had 12yo naked girl to go through all
kinds of changes to hide my erection. So, as much as I wanted my
independence, I wanted even more to see Jim again, so I agreed to one more
trip down south.The train ride was long and slow and I had trouble sleeping, so I was glad
when, 911 live footage several hours later, we finally arrived in North carolina. As usual,
my grandfather met us at the station, but when we got to the house, only my
grandmother and my aunt were there to greet us; Jim was nowhere to be found.
I tried not to show my disappointment, telling myself that, wherever under 18 lollitas he
was, he'd eventually return home and I'd 14 yo sexy naked
finally get to have some eye candy.
In field stripping 1911 kimber fact, since we'd be sharing his room, I was hoping to get a lot of eye
candy during the next month.By the time my mom and I got settled in, my lack of sleep bleach openings mp3 had caught up with
me, and before I knew it, before I'd even gotten a chance to set up the
guest cot in Jim's room, I had lain on Jim's bed to rest my eyes for a while
and had fallen asleep. When I woke up, it was about two o'clock in the
afternoon but the house seemed to be empty, as I heard none of the usual
loud talking and laughter that was always present whenever my mother, aunt
and grandmother got together. Going to the window, I saw in the distance
the tops of three straw hats; the three women were busily working in the
garden. My grandfather's car was also gone so, figuring I'd been left alone
in the house, I decided to go in the living room and watch some TV.When I walked in the living room, I was surprised to see my cousin Jim
asleep on the couch. Apparently he had seen me asleep in sex asia under 14
vombat 12 yo his bed and didn't
want to disturb me. For a couple of minutes I just stared at his
Adonis-like figure. Lying on his back, the thirteen-year-old was shirtless,
wearing only some red loose-fitting, knee-length shorts and a pair of white
sneakers, which seemed too big for his feet. I watched his smooth, hairless
chest gently move up and 15 pantie pics down as he breathed, and I felt myself getting
horny as pictures naked 12yo girls I wondered what his ass looked like now, a year later. I got my
answer when he suddenly took a deep breath and turned inward, giving me his
back and poking his butt out. Even his baggy shorts could not hide what free 6 porn he
carried behind him, and my heart began to beat a little faster as I thought
about all the perverted things I could do with a booty like that. In fact,
at that moment, I developed an insatiable need girls 16 porn xxx to see it, and 12 yo sex
I convinced
myself that, if I were careful, I could pull Jim's loose-fitting pants down
far enough, without waking 7 yr old nudes
him up, to get a look.Creeping over to the couch, I quietly sat down on what little available
space there was and checked to see if Jim was indeed asleep. Satisfied that
he was, I reached down, slowly lifted the elastic band of his shorts and
tried to hold it open wide enough to slide them down 10 facial amateur over his hips. On my
first try, Jim stirred, and I had to temporarily abandon the operation. But
I was determined to see his ass, and 12yr naked
a few minutes later, I was at it again,
lifting the band and trying to pull his shorts down. Twice more I tried,
but each time Jim would stir or turn over, forcing me to stop. I was about
to give up and wait until the middle of the night to do it, when I changed
my mind ass 2 tube and resolved to give it one last shot, now that Jim was again turned
away from me with his butt sticking out. 87 alpine twin track This time I grasped the elastic
bands of both his shorts and his briefs and was succeeding in steadily
pulling both down, exposing more and more of his beautiful bare ass, when I
suddenly heard, in a clear, wide-awake voice:"Why you tryin' to look at my butt?"Caught red-handed, I quickly let go, allowing the bands of both garments to
snap back into place. But there was, of course, no way I could deny what I
had been doing. However, to my surprise and delight, Jim just turned
around, smiled at me, and said, "If you wanted to see it so bad, you shoulda
asked." He then looked around the room. "Where's Ma, Grandma and your
mother?""Out in the garden," I said.Hearing that, he stood up and faced away from me. After glancing at download free mpeg4 porn me over
his shoulder, he quickly pulled 13yr girls naked his shorts and underwear down to his knees
then bent over, revealing his smooth light-skinned ass cheeks, a deep crack
and even his nuts, 18 gay mike rebound which I got a glimpse of between his legs."Go ahead," he urged. "Get a jack 46 jill porn good look."Unable to believe my incredible good fortune (in fact, nearly creaming in my
pants because of it), I crouched down, put my thumbs on either side of 42 ddd breast pictures
thirteen-year-old's anus, and carefully spread it open. It was pale pink
inside, with light brown flecks sticking to the sides. When I pressed my
nose against it and sniffed, the odor of fresh shit inundated my nostrils.
At that time, I thought I felt Jim essex river da 2010 straining, so I wasn't surprised when he
suddenly farted right in my face. He probably thought doing that would make
me back off, so I'm sure I surprised him by staying right where I was and
inhaling the strong, onion-like odor."Damn!" the boy said, now gyrating his ass in my face. "I didn't know you
was a poont smeller! If I knew that I woulda ate some beans this morning!"
He suddenly pulled away from me and spun around, proudly displaying his
six-inch erection and walnut-sized balls. "You like to suck dick too?"Instead of answering him, I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him forward,
docking his dick into my mouth."Fuck!" he said, as he held on to my head and began to buck his hips,
fucking my mouth. "Your mouth feels just like my girl's pussy!" I let him
plow his pole down my throat for a selina18 porn little while longer then pulled HORSE PORNO SEX TUB3 off him
with a pop, a long strand P0RNO SEX DOG
of spit stretching from my lips to the head of
Jim's dick. I looked positions for 3some sex up at him."So you're fucking already?" I asked, surprised."Yeah," he said. "I been doin' it for about a year, since I was twelve.""So how do you like it?""It's good, real good, but...well, I been wanting to try something, but none
of the girls I know will let me, not even my girlfriend.""What is it?"He paused. "Nobody'll give me no butt," free kidsex 10 old
he finally said, "and I heard it's
a lot tighter in there than in the pussy.""It is," I said. "But if you really want some, it's usually easier to get
it from a guy than a girl, since that's the only hole he has.""Yeah, I know," said Jim, still staring down at me. "That's why I was gonna
ask you if YOU'D give me some!""Me?" I asked, chuckling."Yeah. I been wantin' to do you in that big black butt 60 s adult costume ever since I seen
you last year," he admitted. "But I didn't tell you, 'cause wasn't sure you
was into somethin' like that."I smiled and slowly stood up until I was P0RNO SEX HORSE TUBE looking down at Jim. I was
surprised 44dd breasts pictures that this thirteen-year-old, who was not only shorter than me but
also smaller in stature, was actually brazen enough to ask to fuck me up the
ass. But I also admired him for it and was flattered to be an object of his
sexual desire. I also began to wonder what it would feel like to have his
six inches of new-teen hardness plugging my backdoor."Okay," I finally said. "I'm game. But I want something from you too, and
I don't mean I want to fuck you back, either. It's something else,
something different."Jim considered this for a minute and, when I assured him it wasn't something
that would hurt, agreed to it. He then stood up, his shorts and drawers
dropping to his ankles, and said, "Well, whatever we do, it's gotta wait,
'cause first I gotta doonkie." It took me a second to realize that he meant
he had to take a shit; and when it hit me, I must have gotten a weird look
on my face, because he just stared at me for a second or two before his lips
curled up into an evil gagged tight 37 smile."Oh, shit--you wanna WATCH, don't you?"Now I must have looked like the proverbial "deer in the headlights," because
I was embarrassed that my desire was so obviously written on my face."It's okay," Jim said. "I 23 webcams don't mind." But then he looked art nudity 14yo
at me again, as
though he were peering into my mind with those spooky hazel eyes of his, and
added, "But I think you want more than that. Do you?"While, again, I didn't want to answer him, I also didn't want him to think
he was on the wrong track, so I nodded."So what is it?"I hesitated and, looking away from him, said, "I...can't just tell you.
Like I said, it's something diferent, but it's hard to just come out and say
what it is.""Well, if I guess, will you at least tell me yes or no?"I nodded.Jim stared at me again then asked, "Do you want me to do it ON you?"I nodded hesitantly."Where? On your chest?""No, not quite," I said.Frowning slightly, he then asked, "In your face?"When I said "warmer," he suddenly realized exactly what I wanted, and his
frown turned into a look of shock."You want me to doonkie in your MOUTH?" When I just stared down at the
floor, he pressed me, saying, "Come on, you told me you'd say yes or no if I
got tokyo sex mp4 it right. So tell me, Is that what you want me to do?""Yeah.""What?" he asked, 18 girl pics now smiling and jerking on his dick. "I wanna hear you
say it."I took a deep breath and said, "I want you to take a shit in my mouth.""And if I do, what are you gonna do?""I'm going to eat it.""You mean, you're gonna eat my stink shit while it's coming outta my
butthole?""Yeah.""You mean, your mouth is gonna be my fuckin' toilet bowl?""Yeah," I repeated, getting hornier and hornier the more I allowed this
deepest perversion to surface. "And after I finish chewing it up and
swallowing it, I'm going to stick my tongue in your asshole keygen adobe dreamweaver cs4 and lick all you 8 porn the
leftover shit out of it."When I said that, Jim had to stop jacking himself off, because he was
apparently right free mp4 porn download on the verge of coming."Fuck!" he suddenly said. "I didn't think I would get this horny talkin'
about somethin' so fuckin' nasty! But are we gonna just talk about it or do
it?"To answer him, I took his arm and led him into the bathroom, walking slowly
so chunky 30 porn
he wouldn't trip over his shorts and underwear, which were still bunched
up around his ankles. Once inside, I closed and locked the door, took my
clothes off, and stretched out on the floor.Jim smiled again. 2 girls fuck tutor
big cock 4 wife "I'm glad to see you're not just a teaser but a pleaser,"
he said.It took the thirteen-year-old only a second to pull his shorts and underwear
off his feet. Now nude except for his sneakers, he stood over me, a leg on
either side of my 6 into 4 trans
chest, and just stared down at me with that evil smile, 3yo nude as
his six-inch pole bobbed up and down over his hairless balls. Then he
stepped over me, PORNO SEX DOG TUB4
turning around to face my feet, and squatted until his
pouting anus was only an inch or two from my lips."You ready?" Jim asked. " 'Cause I gotta go; I can't hold it.""Yeah, go," I said, opening my mouth as wide as I could.Trembling in anticipation, I watched, fascinated, 15 yo sex as my cousin's asshole
puckered then opened wide, revealing the tapered end of a light-brown turd.
When the first inch had pushed its way out, I groaned in ecstacy and
plastered my lips over his poop chute."Fuck, yeah!" Jim said in erotic game 128x160
a loud whisper, just in case our mothers or
grandmother were close enough to hear. "Eat it, you fuckin' pervert! Eat
my fuckin' shit!"As Jim's semi-soft shit plopped into my mouth, I chewed quickly and
swallowed it, making room for the next mouthful of crap. The foul smell of
it filled my nostrils, but the very thought that it was Jim's shit--that my
face was plastered between the ass cheeks of my cute gossip website x17 thirteen-year-old
cousin while he did his business in my mouth--was turning me on so much that
a part of me hoped he would never 13 week aborted fetus
stop shitting, that he would force me to
be his permanent human toilet bowl, taking his teenaged turds down my throat
until every inch of my stomach was filled with the contents of his bowels."God, I can't believe I'm takin' a shit in your fuckin' mouth," Jim said,
"and I REALLY can't believe doin' it is makin' me so fuckin' horny!"Underneath I was gulping down yet another sticky mouthful of his shit when I
suddenly realized that my mouth was not being refilled, upon which I spread
Jim's ass cheeks apart as much as I could and used my toilet-paper tongue to
clean all of the remaining shit out of his asshole."Yeah, lick that shit out my booty! Make it clean and shiny so I don't 12yo sex stories
to wipe!"After slurping Jim's anus for several minutes, I finally pulled my tired
tongue out of him. He lifted his ass off my face then turned back and
stared at me, a look of total incredulity on his face."Open your mouth," he said, still pulling furiously on his joint. When I
did and 3 shrimp
there was absolutely nothing inside it except my shit-streaked
tongue, he shook his head and said, "Well I'll be fucked! You really DID
eat it!" He then turned completely around sexy 1 smoking
to face me, putting a knee on
either side of my head, and aimed his cock at my face. "And now I want you
to eat THIS!"With those words, Jim groaned and spurted a thick rope of sperm directly in
my open mouth. The next shot plopped onto my forehead, eyelid and cheek,
and the last two splattered various other parts of my face, leaving it a
gooey white mess."Shit!" Jim sighed, as his stuck his shrinking cock between my lips,
allowing me to lick off the last drops of his semen. "I think that's the
hardest I ever came. And all because you ate my shit. Damn! That must
mean I'm a fuckin' pervert too!"After black sandy beaches mp3 swallowing Jim's come, I let his dick fall from between my lips and
said, "I wouldn't worry about that, if I fresh 18 facials
were you. What turns you on is
nobody's business but yours." (In light of what we'd just done, the irony
of my use of the word "business" suddenly struck me and I smiled to myself.)"Now I gotta piss," Jim said, his prick still dangling in my come-covered
face. 2 adult electric vehicle "You want me to do that in your mouth too?""Sure," I said, smiling. "I could use something to wash down all that
shit."Jim just shook his head again as he leaned forward, stuck the head of his
penis in my mouth again and tried to relax. A couple of minutes later he
said, "Here it comes," and a warm, acrid liquid began to flow into my mouth.
I began immediately to drink it, again turned on by the idea that it was
my foxy thirteen-year-old cousin FR4E SEX ZOO who was pissing in my mouth, that 2gp pinay sex scandals
it was
his urine I was swallowing."Drink it, pervert!" Jim hissed. "Drink every fuckin' drop of my piss!"
And the boy apparently had a full bladder, because I swore I swallowed about
a gallon of piss before his stream finally started to dry up.When he was done, Jim pulled his dick out of my mouth, crawled backwards and
again just stared down at me with a mixture of disbelief and disgust on his
face. I stared back, smiling sheepishly, then burped loudly, causing me to
taste the remnants of his piss in the back of my throat. Once again Jim
shook his head."My cousin monster clit tube8
Tommy," he said, "the piss-drinking shit-eater. Who woulda
thought."Since I had now fulfilled my darkest fantasies with my handsome cousin, it
was his turn to fulfill his more normal fantasy with me. Being that Jim had
already developed another raging hard-on, it didn't take long for him to
remind me of our deal."So when you gonna gimme some booty?" he asked, sitting back on his
haunches, wagging his dick.I turned over, got 2 girld 1 cup
up on my knees and put my head down low so that my butt
was sticking up in the air."Oooo, yeah!" Jim cooed. "I been waitin' for this!"Since this was Jim's first experience with anal sex, I had to instruct him
about using lubrication and starting out slowly. But I also knew that,
being thirteen, he wasn't going to be as patient as he should. So after he
found a jar of gg4-mylexus-group-8
Vaseline and spread some 8th street latina tria on himself and stuck a big gob up my
ass, I just hoped that I could take him inside me without going through too
much pain."You ready?" Jim asked.I looked back to see him hunched over me with an intense look on his face.
"Yeah," I finally said, "but remember to go slow at first."Well, Jim remembered that last mp4 hardcore porn instruction for about two minutes, the amount
of time it took him to press the head of his dick against my asshole until
it popped inside."Oh, fuck!" he muttered, trying not under 18 nude girls
to be too loud. "That's some tight
shit!"Before I could remind him again to go slow, he had rammed all six inches of
his poker right up my ass. Only because I expected it was I able not to
tense up too much and focus on the pleasure that knew would soon replace the
pain I Tissot vintage t12 was feeling. By this time Jim was already plowing away at my ass,
while holding on to my shoulders for support."Yeah, take it!" he breathed in my ear. "Take my dick right up your fuckin'
ass!"After a couple of minutes the pleasure 10-ft power strip
finally took over and I cheerleader gang bang 9 able to
wallow not only in the physical sensation but also in the idea itself that I
was being fucked up the ass by a gorgeous thirteen-year-old who had never
fucked ass before. And the harder he slammed into me, the more I relished
the idea that, no matter whose butt he banged from this point on, I would
always be his first."Harder!" I suddenly heard myself saying. "Fuck me harder! Fuck me as hard
as you fuck your slut bitch girlfriend's pussy!"Right away Jim changed his angle of attack and, grabbing malaika arora sex 3gp my hips, began to
plunge his pole into me with a vengeance, his hairless crotch slapping
against my ass cheeks and his balls bouncing off mine in a staccato rhythm.
I could also feel his sweat sprinkling my back as he labored against my ass.
I was really enjoying this, but I realized that, being so young and horny,
Jim had not yet learned how to string out his passion. Sure enough, long
before I was ready for him to stop, I heard Jim groan loudly then shiver."Fuck!" he yelled out, completely forgetting to keep his voice down. "I'm
coming!"The thirteen-year-old promptly shoved his boner as far up my ass as he could
and began to shoot his load, filling my bowels with his abundant, youthful
sperm. And as I felt my cousin's dick swelling and throbbing and spurting
inside gallery nude 15 yo me, it triggered my own orgasm."Shit, I'm there too!" I said, as my dick spat four heavy streams of come on
the 3 naruto doujin bathroom floor.Afterwards Jim just lay on top of me for a few minutes, trying to catch his
breath. Finally he pulled out of me; seconds later, I heard him say, "Oh,
fuck!""What's the matter?" I asked."There's shit all on my fuckin' dick!""Is that all?""No. You should see your fuckin' asshole," he added. "It's all the way the
hell open and my fuckin' come's dripping out of it!"I turned around 70 s kissing gloss just so I could 12 yo thai boylove get off on that intrigue-mixed-with-disgust
expression I knew Jim would be wearing. Once 14 incest that urge was satisfied, I
leaned forward and took his shit-soiled dick into my mouth."Damn!" he said. "I didn't think you'd lick your OWN shit off it!"I 15yo photo didn't respond because I was too busy cleaning him. When I was sure it
was spotless, I pulled his dick out of my mouth and kissed his piss slit,
making him laugh. After I washed Jim's dried-up come off my face, we put our
clothes back on, cautiously unlocked and opened the bathroom door, and
tiptoed back into the living room. Not ten seconds later we heard the porch
door open."Jim!" my aunt 12changirls
called out. "Where are you?""In here," Jim said. "With Tommy."When she came in, she stopped and just looked 12yr girls naked
at the two of us for a moment.
"So what were you two doing all this time?""Nothin'. Just talking," Jim said, cool as a cucumber."About what?" my aunt asked."You know, Ma," Jim said, irritated at her probing. "Boy stuff."My aunt german nuns in ww2
smiled. "Okay, I understand. You think I'm too old to rememeber
what it's like to be young. I just wanted to let you and Tommy know that
his mother, Grandma and I will be in the garden a little longer and that you
boys 15 yr anal vid should make yourselves sandwiches if you get hungry, okay?""Okay, Ma. But I think Tommy already ate something, didn't you?" my cousin
asked, turning and smiling at me."Yeah," I confirmed, trying not to look too nervous. "I found something in
there and I ate it and it 12 girl sex fuck was delicious.""Okay, then," my aunt said, as she turned to leave. "We'll be back later."When I heard the porch door swing shut, I turned to Jim, a36 size boob who getting pregnant over 40 by 14yr sexy girl pic now was
laughing hysterically, and said, "I'm gonna sexe girls 14 old get you for that, little
cousin."After several seconds he managed to calm down enough to say, "Okay, okay. I
admit I was wrong, but I couldn't help it. But before you get me back, I
wanna get something to eat first.""And why should I wait till you do that before redhead petite chick 01 I get you back?"Staring deep into my eyes, Jim smiled devilishly again and ask em hoes mp3
said, "Well,
since that stuff you ate was so 'delicious,' you might want some more
tonight...and I just wanna make sure I can give you seconds."I smiled back at him and thought how thirteen, at least 3 some blowjob
when it came to my
cousin's age, wasn't such an unlucky number after all and how I would have a
whole month to explore 10 gal acrylic aquarium just how lucky it could be.
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